Dell Rebate Hassle to Death

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Ron Hardin, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Ron Hardin

    journey Guest

    OK, well I guess I may have misread you and if so I apologize. My
    perception was that I said "I'm sorry", with your response being "not
    good enough", kind of like a dysfunctional parent talking to a child

    Don't you know about positive affirmations? I am a child of the
    Universe no less than the trees and the stars, and my value should be
    validated because because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and,
    doggonit, people like me! .. :)

    Being sorry and correcting the situation was my proposed course of
    action, and when I saw "not good enough" I'm like "what?". I am
    fairly new to posting and I don't know the etiquette about cross
    posting, so this took me by surprise.

    Anyway, I do intend to use the help system, I was going to find it
    anyway, I mean it's not rocket science.

    It's not something I couldn't do, it's something that I planned on
    doing immediately after discovering that it is a concern.

    Now that I'm aware, of course I won't cross post, at least until I
    know more about what it means and can form my own opinion on it, which
    I predict will be the same as you ans S.Lewis who I recognize as
    regulars here who have a lot of knowledge.

    The wonderful world of textual communication.

    journey, Apr 3, 2006
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  2. Ron Hardin

    Notan Guest

    Maybe I wasn't clear in my writing. Maybe you weren't clear in your reading.

    Maybe both!

    The "not good enough" was in reference to "it automatically does that."

    As long as a piece of software offers the user options, the user is
    responsible for what the software does/doesn't do.

    Except, maybe, HAL. <g>

    See ya!

    Notan, Apr 3, 2006
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  3. Ron Hardin

    journey Guest

    Peace dude, peace (and how 'bout some warm fuzzies ~~~~~).

    Awwww everything is good now.


    journey, Apr 3, 2006
  4. for the same reason why there isn't just one newsgroup for everything. what
    is hard to comprehend about that?
    you certainly have a unique way of looking at things.... thinking cross
    posting is ok, thinking it is dell's fault that you didn't make a copy of
    your rebate submission, thinking that rebates are "a scam" yet actively
    participating in one and getting mad about (posting a complaint rather than
    asking for help on how to resolve it given your mistake in not keeping a
    copy), but my favorite one is that you think that mail "don't get lost." i
    happen to think that you are wrong on each and every one of these points.
    but go ahead and keep up the good fight. i am sure you will find someone
    that will agree with you.
    Christopher Muto, Apr 3, 2006
  5. Ron Hardin

    Notan Guest

    I don't know. I think there *is* a time and place for crossposting. If, for example,
    I have a question about laptops, I might post to comp.laptops and comp.sys.laptops.
    The answers might be valuable to readers in both groups.

    On the other hand, I don't agree *at all* with crossposting to unrelated groups.

    Yes? No? Maybe?

    Notan, Apr 3, 2006
  6. Ron Hardin

    Ron Hardin Guest

    The facility of cross posting is there exactly because the newsgroup division
    is oblique to topics. That is, one topic falls into many news groups (and
    vice versa).

    You pick the ones that the message falls into.

    The message is posted once, and is read once, even if you subscribe to all of
    the groups.

    This is a harmful idea, why?
    Ron Hardin, Apr 4, 2006
  7. Ron Hardin

    journey Guest

    I'm new to the crossposting concept. Here is my "newbie analysis".

    - If you have a message that spans groups, the thread can move in the
    direction of any particular group just by virtue of being there, which
    means it's diverging from the direction of all of the other groups
    that were crossposted to. As we all know, threads can take on lives
    of their own. If cross-posted, you increase that -- on every group it
    could take on a life of its own, and you end up with one big mess.

    - It is becoming apparent by participating here, that after a while
    you get to know different people, in the limited way you can get to
    know them by reading their posts over time. Different people can have
    their ideosyncracies (sp) and a particular group can over time realize
    that and it's no problem. By crossposting, the chance increases that
    a person who has become "part of the family" (for better or worse)
    then is misunderstood by people on the other groups.

    - Any thread can potentially turn into a flame war. Depending on the
    personalities of groups, this happens more often on some than others.
    So by crossposting, you increase the risk of a flame war appearing on
    all of the crossposted groups, because there is a certain
    probabability that it would occur on each group, and the more you add
    the probability increases accumulatively.

    I guess that's my analysis off the top of my head. Am I on the right
    track to understanding this? (Notan, S.Lewis, ... ?)

    journey, Apr 4, 2006
  8. Ron Hardin

    journey Guest

    Why do you say "not that there's anything wrong with that"? Of course
    there is something wrong with that. You just said it increases the
    chance of asshole participation showing up on multiple groups. That
    seems like a significant reason not to crosspost.

    Also, how hard is it really to just copy / paste and post to the
    groups individually -- the answer -- not very hard. If you have a
    newsreader program that saves the output, you can even click on that
    and just change the group name. Doing that, you can easily post to
    many groups, but it's a separate thread. If you post to a set of
    groups consistently, then have a text file with the names of the
    groups. Click on the out message, copy paste the group name, and then
    send. Keep doing that for each group.

    I defend your right to pursue your hobby. I can also state my opinion
    (see, if this were crossposted then my opinion, which is unsolicited,
    would appear on the other groups increasing the chance that this would
    go off into a tangent). I do think your hobby seems incredibly
    obsessive compulsive, in a mind-boggling way. If I had a dog, I'd
    want to get some pictures, sure, but not 50 a day! The real audio
    stuff you have collected, my go* how long did it take you to do that?
    It is an incredible collection and I might have fun going through it,
    but seriously what kind of time commitment do you put into these
    things and how do you have a life doing other things?

    There, you see I just went on a tangent, but hey -- this thread is
    already way off course so does it really matter :)

    One thing I got out of looking at your pages is an appreciation of the
    incredible amount of material that can be put together over time. If
    I apply a fraction of the effort on any area of interest, it shows
    that persistence over time can create a lot of information.

    Does the dog pages show appreciation for the mundane? I don't think
    so -- I think it reinforces that things can get really really mundane,
    I mean you have Annie running on Day 1, the afternoon of Day 3, at
    noon time on day 7.5. OH MY GOD.

    Well, now I've done it -- it's good that this isn't cross-posted :)

    journey, Apr 4, 2006
  9. Ron Hardin

    Notan Guest

    If you didn't hit the nail on the head, I'd say you came pretty damn close.

    Not bad for a newbie!

    Notan, Apr 4, 2006
  10. Ron Hardin

    S.Lewis Guest
    S.Lewis, Apr 4, 2006
  11. Ron Hardin

    Notan Guest

    Notan, Apr 4, 2006
  12. Ron Hardin

    journey Guest

    Thanks! I used to get paid good money for analyzing things. The
    problem was that doing it for 50 hours / week was too much for me.


    "Freedom is doing whatever, whenever"
    journey, Apr 4, 2006
  13. Ron Hardin

    S.Lewis Guest

    Most anytime a post is cross-posted to non-related groups, it flags the OP
    as, in the current vernacular, an "attention ho." It indicates less of an
    interest in a civil, productive thread and more often is merely intended as
    a flaming usenet tower of babel.

    Conversely, it's understandable why some posts are cross-posted to multiple
    related groups, though even those may even produce unanticipated flame wars.
    (PC versus Mac, Windows versus Linux, etc.)

    In this instance, Don Imus has nothing to do with Dell computers. I'm not
    sure what benefit the OP expected from the cross-post nor do I care.

    S.Lewis, Apr 4, 2006
  14. all excellent points and precisely what has happened with this stupid
    now hopefully it will die.
    Christopher Muto, Apr 4, 2006
  15. Christopher Muto, Apr 4, 2006
  16. Ron Hardin

    Ron Hardin Guest

    Au contraire, has taken up the topic, and in fact is not
    much related to Imus but to the interests of people who hang out there,
    having mostly given up on Imus since he got married to his Yoko Ono.
    Ron Hardin, Apr 4, 2006
  17. Ron Hardin

    Ron Hardin Guest

    Typically, cross-posted threads are sustained by people complaining about cross-posting.

    I always put it down to disruption of the settled pecking order by new chickens that
    have to be sorted.

    Some complaint is made, and a posture taken, and that's part of the settling.

    The way to avoid it is stick to the topic, and don't say anything if you don't
    have anything to say.

    Nevertheless now I have added this reasonable analysis, and it will require a response
    if a position on the pecking order is not to be lost ...
    Ron Hardin, Apr 4, 2006
  18. Ron Hardin

    Ron Hardin Guest

    No time at all. Real Encoder is recording the radio as I listen at work
    all the time. If I hear something amusing enough to save for this
    or that reason, I write down the time, and extract it into its own
    file, and a shell script puts it on the site without any further
    need for my attention.

    The real time is spent listening to the radio, which is to say working
    to make a living, which it accompanies.

    As to the dog, I simply take a camera when we go outside and snap
    off lots of pics, and keep the best. It would take roughly the
    same time not taking pics, since we still go outside.

    The talent, such as it is, is in noticing what's worth saving, not
    in saving it.
    Ron Hardin, Apr 4, 2006
  19. Ron Hardin

    journey Guest

    I am going to enjoy listening to the audio.

    I do wish you would respect the concensus and not crosspost. Will you
    consider that?

    journey, Apr 4, 2006
  20. Ron Hardin

    Ron Hardin Guest

    Vocal isn't a concensus. It's a social challenge to a new pecking order by
    those who are into that sort of thing. Feathers are fluffed up but there's
    nothing to it.

    Cross posting is there to collect responses in one place, to be read once.
    Ron Hardin, Apr 4, 2006
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