Dell Tries To Regain Lost Ground

Discussion in 'Dell' started by gg, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. gg

    gg Guest

    This came in one of my newsletters today.
    Haven't heard of the feedback website mentioned here.
    Personally I think that Dell is just treading water until they restore
    competent tech support.

    Every complaint should have an ID attached and someone immediately
    responsible for timely resolution. Sure this costs money, but so do
    lost sales. -millions of dollars for sure.

    For a positive example:
    I had trouble installing WinXp on my old BX motherbd computer. Called
    Microsoft-its free for install problems. While we never could resolve
    all the problems, MS techs just wouldn't give up. They emailed me
    incessantly. If I was slow to respond they emailed again. They
    escalated the process. Finally when I'd had enough ,I had to tell them
    three times to give it a rest & I'd live with it.

    ==== IN THE NEWS ================================

    Dude, Dell's Turning it Around

    by Paul Thurrott,

    Dell this week unveiled a line of colorful new consumer-oriented
    notebooks. Why is this news? For the past year, the PC giant has been
    pummeled by customer service disaster stories, quality control
    problems, lengthening PC build times, and an assortment of financial
    and market share problems. Once the largest PC company on earth, Dell
    has fallen to number two behind rival HP, and it has dramatically
    altered its strategy and even begun selling some PCs through retail
    outlets. A few months ago, Dell ousted its CEO and returned founder
    Michael Dell to the top decision-making role in the company.

    What Mr. Dell has done so far may seem somewhat obvious, but it's
    working: The company has established a customer feedback site, asked
    its customers what they'd like to see changed at the company, then
    implemented the most popular of those changes, one after the other.
    The colorful new laptops are just the latest in a long list of
    examples of Dell delivering what its customers have requested. And
    although most companies can claim to be customer-centric, Dell's moves
    in recent months are transparent and obvious in their zeal to meet
    customer needs.

    The colorful new laptops are part of Dell's consumer-oriented line of
    Inspiron products, which typically make up only 15 percent of the
    company's sales. The goal here, obviously, is to increase that number,
    and when you combine these brightly hued machines with Dell's recent
    move into the feel-it-touch-it world of retail, you can see exactly
    where this is heading. The new Inspiron 1420 notebook comes in three
    sizes and eight colors, including some bolder and stylish choices such
    as hot pink and espresso brown. They should appeal to a growing
    audience of customers who value personal style as much as technology.
    gg, Jun 28, 2007
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  2. gg

    Journey Guest

    I applaud Dell for the feedback site and listening to the input. Linux
    on Dell was one of the items I remember being mentioned there.

    However, some of the most obvious problems don't need customer
    feedback. I have too many "Dell hell" experiences. In this last one,
    I gave up. I probably shouldn't have and can still follow up (it was
    how to extend my 2 year laptop warranty by 1 year and so far I have
    had to contact Dell probably a dozen times).

    In addition, they have lost some of my loyalty due to the way they are
    pricing and equipping the new laptops. The low end (still pricey for
    today's market) went backwards to a 1.5Ghz Core 2 Duo (from the

    The small XPS systems have always been priced in the stratosphere --
    the new 13.3" take that to a new level. I know -- if I don't like
    it, don't buy. OK, I won't buy :)

    I don't know what this means though from a business perspective. It
    may be good for stockholders to try to get a higher margin for lower
    hardware specs. I do think Dell needed something like the Inspiron
    colors to jump-start that line -- they had to do something, and the
    existing designs are a tough act to follow.
    Journey, Jun 28, 2007
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