Dell (verizon) 5700 mobile broadband card - not reliable

Discussion in 'Dell' started by DanS, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. DanS

    DanS Guest

    Broadband access is great...when you're not in a fringe area.

    I live on the extreme fringe of a Verizon EV-DO (broadband-access)
    signal area. The usual NationalAccess signal (1xRTT) is what I want
    permanently, since it has a much more reliable signal and it's still
    pretty fast when compared with dial-up (anywhere from 3 to 4x faster).
    The problem is every single weak "rogue pulse" from EVDO knocks out my
    1xRTT, causing a timeout for a minute, flips back to 1xRTT, waits a
    minute, then flip-flops back. Eventually the signal completely
    disconnects me and I'm forced to reconnect. Over and over and over,
    flip flop flip flop flip flop.

    There's no way to disable EV-DO in the Dell 5700 mobile broadband
    card, so I'm forced to have this problem. I've called verizon to
    complain and the tech support says "well we haven't received any other
    complaints from your area yet so you're the only one", so they refuse
    to do anything about it. There's no firmware upgrade available and
    Dell support website only has the original release of the drivers and
    software, no upgrades to disable EVDO.

    I looked at the coverage maps, and the only EVDO access is near the
    state fairgrounds, a small blob of it. It turns out Verizon installed
    a tiny area of Broadband access to show off their high-speed at the
    state fair, and now it's ruining the more-reliable lower-speed

    Just thought I'd ask if anyone else has had similar problems, thanks

    DanS, Jan 23, 2007
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