Dell Wirless WLAN 1350 Adapter cannot connect to NETGEAR Wireless WGT624

Discussion in 'Dell' started by ReadCh, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Aug 28, 2006
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    Hey Everyone,

    I have a major problem which is driving me crazy. I have a wireless Netgear router (WGT624) which I have used before but am having trouble with now. I have 3 Dell laptops with wireless capabilities and only one is able to connect. The one that is able to connect uses a Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG. One of the other Dells uses a Dell Wireless WLAN 1350. Both the Pro Wireless dell and the WLAN 1350 dell have been able to connect to the netgear router in the past without any trouble. My problem now is that the Pro Wireless Dell is able to connect to the Netgear router without any trouble; while the WLAN 1350 dell is no longer able to connect.

    The NETGEAR connection shows up when i search for wireless connections but when i go to connect, it says there is no signal. But when i access the WLAN 1350's utility, is says that the wireless card is receiving the signal at full strength, yet it is unable to connect to the wireless router. The WLAN 1350 dell is able to register and connect to neighboring signals but not my netgear signal.

    I have used this netgear router for about a year and a half and this is the first time i have run into any trouble with it. When it comes to the deep intricacies of wireless internet use, my skills are extremely limited. I apologize if my description of my problem is vague, i just hope that somebody can help me out. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    ReadCh, Aug 28, 2006
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