Dell Won't Provide Warranty Support for Its Monitors To Anyone Except Original Buyer?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Will, May 31, 2007.

  1. Will

    Will Guest

    We bought a few new-in-box 2407FP monitors recently, and one developed a
    broken power switch. I was appalled to call Dell support and be told that
    Dell doesn't have the capability to cross reference the original order from
    the serial number of the unit, and only the original buyer can get support
    by using his order number. Since we bought from an online reseller this
    creates a giant hassle for us and for the reseller. Coming from a company
    who simply creates new customer numbers for us every time we try to get a
    typo corrected in data in an old customer number, I shouldn't be surprised.
    But this policy sucks and I'm not going to purchase more of the Dell monitor
    products for our company. Any manufacturer so incompetent that they cannot
    trace their own serial numbers has problems that I don't want to deal with.
    Will, May 31, 2007
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  2. Will

    Journey Guest

    Sounds like a hassle. Why did you buy from a reseller and not
    directly from Dell (just curious)? I wonder if any other computer
    maker would do any better for a situation like that.

    The 2407 monitors would be good. Not buying them because of this
    might be self-defeating.
    Journey, May 31, 2007
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  3. Will

    Tom Scales Guest

    Dell doesn't really have online resellers. What you likely did was buy
    it from someone that watches for Dell's sales, buys a bunch of them at
    the sale price, and resells them. They are almost always shoddy at
    filling out the transfer of ownership which causes exactly the problem
    you described. All the seller had to do was fill out a simple webpage
    and transfer the ownership and it would have been simple to get service.

    Alas, the problem is that the last question for every order on Dell's
    website is: Do you intend to resell this. I don't know what happens to
    the answer of this question, but I suspect it is because this practice
    of buy low/sell high is not allowed by Dell -- it messes up their
    business model -- and large purchasers playing the game are often denied
    this transfer.

    Your problem isn't with Dell, it is with the person from whom you
    purchased the monitor. You probably saved nothing compared to just
    waiting until Dell put it on sale, but you may not have a warranty at

    I'm particularly shocked that a company would make a purchase in this

    Tom Scales, May 31, 2007
  4. Will

    S.Lewis Guest

    You're leaving out something; how did the re-seller position the sale of
    these monitors? Was he offering warranty and it was expired or did you
    attempt to contact him/her? Did you ask him if the Dell warranty was
    transferrable or did he sell the items promising Dell warranty?

    If you'd have bought the thing new (individually) from Dell, then you'd
    likely have had 3 full years of warranty - or warranty paralleling any
    system the monitor was purchased with.

    So I'm figuring that you bought from the re-seller and saved a bunch of
    money, right? That's fine. Live and learn.

    I'm not surprised that Dell can't track the "12-digit serial number" once
    the product had been sold through a third party.

    I'm placing the blame equally on the re-seller and you for not having those
    questions answered before you bought the monitors.

    As I've learned (painfully) and personally in the past, this is one of those
    transactions where you talk with the seller and contact Dell about warranty
    before the purchase.

    It happens.

    S.Lewis, May 31, 2007
  5. Will

    PDR Guest

    WTF has this to do with Dell? Your contract is with the seller, not Dell, as
    is the warranty obligation. Send the balifs to the reseller and stop blaming
    Dell for your stupidity in not buying direct...

    PDR, May 31, 2007
  6. Will

    RnR Guest

    I too was thinking the same thing tho not quite a strongly worded as
    you. And I'm not sure why he bought from a reseller other than for
    the price vs. directly from Dell but I think the other mistake he made
    was not checking out the vendor first before making a large purchase.
    I suppose it's possible that the vendor is fine but that he didn't
    read their terms on its web site entirely or at all before the
    purchase and then blames Dell for his mistake???? Who knows and cares
    (tho we might if we knew who the reseller was).
    RnR, May 31, 2007
  7. Will

    Ben Myers Guest

    More than anything else, this sounds like a buy from an unethical reseller by
    someone who did not ask enough questions before making the purchase.

    I resell Dell gear, too, on occasion. When I do, I become the first point of
    contact on hardware support problems, and I may have to eat the cost of a repair
    of equipment still under warranty, just like any other brand I may sell. But
    this buyer bought from an "online" reseller apparently no support personnel in
    the neighborhood. Seems like the buyer was captivated by the price, a common
    phenomenon these days, and failed to consider other factors.

    The whole situation with Dell equipment under warranty has just gotten more
    complicated with the Dell-Wal*Mart deal and its recent push (according to the
    trade rags) to line up authorized resellers for its hardware. In short, it
    will be just as messy as warranty policies for HPaq, eGate-machines, IBM-Lenovo,
    all of which are sold through multiple sales channels.

    Caveat emptor! But don't blame Dell unless dealing directly with them.

    .... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, May 31, 2007
  8. Will

    Will Guest

    It was $100 more expensive from Dell Direct. And I don't like dealing with
    Dell Direct. They have bad information systems and I get tired of hearing
    their excuses for why they cannot change the customer type of our customer
    number, cannot edit information in our record, cannot move our credit line
    from one customer number to another.

    I don't have these problems with HP warranties.

    LCDs are commodities. Dell isn't the only company in the world that makes
    good products.
    Will, May 31, 2007
  9. Will

    Will Guest

    That is true for *systems*. Apparently it is not true for monitors.
    Monitors do not have service tags, only serial numbers, and Dell has no way
    to even cross reference that to the order number.

    No that's wrong. My problem is with Dell. It is a new Dell product. It
    has a legal serial number. It was purchased legally. Dell's information
    systems are so screwed up that Dell cannot take a Dell serial number and
    translate that into a warranty. That's not the reseller's problem, and
    that's not my problem.
    Will, May 31, 2007
  10. Will

    Will Guest

    They advertised as three year manufacturer warranty. And so far they are
    better at honoring their promises than Dell is.

    Yes, and then I would also have paid $100 more in the purchase price, wasted
    20 minutes on the phone correcting mistakes on our account, etc.

    What I learned is to go with a manufacturer whose information systems
    preserve the serial numbers as a way of tracking warranty, and I also
    learned that Dell is hopelessly inept.
    Will, May 31, 2007
  11. Will

    Will Guest

    I expect Dell to compete with HP and every other company that makes LCDs.
    Dell stands alone among all of the top five market share leaders in LCD
    sales in not being able to provide a warranty to an end user with a serial

    That failure to process on serial number is not the customer's fault, not
    the reseller's fault. It's Dell's problem, and Dell's shortcoming.
    Will, May 31, 2007
  12. Will

    Will Guest

    The reseller agreed to help us resolve the problem. You have no facts to
    make any case that the reseller was unethical.

    If Dell wants to compete against HP, Dell should learn to stop strong arming
    people into dealing with them directly.
    Will, May 31, 2007
  13. Will

    Journey Guest

    Are they really a commodity? I don't think so. Different models and
    different makers make a difference.

    For me the 2405 is a "known commodity". A pretty good one at that.

    What other similar monitor to the 2407 would you recommend? Just
    curious. I'm sure there are other good 24"-inchers in the same price
    range but I'm curious to hear what you would recommend.
    Journey, Jun 1, 2007
  14. Will

    S.Lewis Guest


    Will -

    Then the conversation should stop right there ^^^^. If the reseller stands
    good for it (as they should and advertising a 3 year warranty that Dell
    cannot or will not honor) then you've got no problem.

    It may stand to reason that these/this monitor is tied to the re-seller as
    far as Dell is concerned.

    Glad you used a reputable re-seller.

    S.Lewis, Jun 1, 2007
  15. Will

    Tom Scales Guest

    Strong arming? It's their business model. If you don't like it, don't
    buy Dell. You bought a product that does not appear to have a
    transferable warranty. Therefore, you effectively bought a used
    monitor. It may have still been in the box, but as the SECOND owner, it
    is used.


    Feel free to buy the comparable HP monitor to the 2407FPW. None of us
    would miss your whining. A smart IT professional would NEVER have
    gotten into this mess. HP appears to have a 24" for $699. No
    reputation, never seen one, but hey, it's an HP, therefore you will love

    The Dells, of course, have an industry leading reputation, but that's
    not nearly as important as saving $100 by buying used.
    Tom Scales, Jun 1, 2007
  16. Will

    Will Guest

    When I buy an IBM or Compaq/HP computer, I don't go to the reseller for
    support. I go to a reseller because of price and because I want someone
    competent enough to build the right configuration for the order. When I
    have a trouble ticket on the computer, I go to the manufacturer, and when I
    have a warranty claim, I expect the manufacturer to have its information
    systems together enough that it can process the request.

    IBM and HP seem to be able to handle that. I don't understand why Dell
    Will, Jun 1, 2007
  17. Will

    Will Guest

    Then Dell should refuse all sales to resellers. It is duplicitous to sell
    to resellers and then use strange tactics to make both the reseller and end
    users' lives difficult when there is a warranty issue.

    I won't love it any more than I love or do not love the Dell. But I won't
    spend $250 of my time trying to get a warranty issue handled either. When
    we bought 20 HP 2035 monitors and five of those had recall/warranty issues,
    HP was great. Never once did I get a question about my order number with
    HP or the name of the reseller.

    It's about total cost of ownership, including the cost of my time.
    Will, Jun 1, 2007
  18. Will

    Ben Myers Guest

    Okay, then...

    It all depends on the terms and conditions of sale from Dell to the reseller and
    from the reseller to you. As far as I am concerned, you have every right to
    ask the reseller to make good on the warranty terms he offered. Is the
    warranty from the reseller in writing?

    Oh, and it will only get more confusing for all of us. Rather than refusing to
    sell to resellers, Dell is expanding its program to sell thru resellers, in
    addition to its recently announced deal with Walmart. I'm on Dell's radar as a
    possible reseller, because I've bought (and resold) a few systems from them, and
    stood behind them 100 percent. I've now got a couple of new best friends at
    Dell who are happy to be my account reps.
    Just like Dell, a reseller and you, there are terms and conditions covering HP's
    relationship with a reseller and that reseller's relationship with you. HP does
    business differently than Dell does.
    Well, from your experience, I'd say you saved $100 per unit in the short term by
    buying from the reseller rather than direct from Dell, and you burned up a lot
    of dollars in your time spent chasing (still chasing?) repair of a defective
    unit. It would have been better to spend on another unit as a spare.

    I am less than sympathetic with your plight because you appear to have made some
    assumptions about warranties from the reseller of Dell gear, rather than asking
    all the necessary questions up front. If the reseller did not disclose exactly
    how any warranty service or repair would work, I'll still claim that the
    reseller was being mildly unethical. If you did not get an exact explanation,
    preferably in writing, how the warranty would work, you have every right to be
    very mad at yourself, mad at the reseller, and upset with Dell. Caveat emptor.

    .... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jun 1, 2007
  19. Will

    RnR Guest

    who is the reseller ?
    RnR, Jun 1, 2007
  20. Will

    S.Lewis Guest

    That's a fair point, and I suspect the difference is that Dell has not
    typically had an authorized retailer network in place.

    It looks like that may be changing as we speak (see retail offerings at
    Wal-Mart reported in the last two weeks).

    As I understand it, Dell typically assigns reps to work various corporate
    accounts of varying sizes and fields of business, but does not have anything
    like the HP/Compaq or IBM/Lenovo authorized dealer network.

    If that is correct, then (in this case and until/unless Dell has an
    equivalent), then the buyer is left counting on the re-seller to hold up
    their end of the bargain.

    Obviously, systems can be and are transferred regularly w/o issue.

    Since Dell has stated that the Wal-Mart retail offering is "just the
    beginning", I expect to see them develop a dealer network soon though that
    is purely speculation on my part. It just makes sense though.

    S.Lewis, Jun 1, 2007
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