Dell Won't Provide Warranty Support for Its Monitors To Anyone Except Original Buyer?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Will, May 31, 2007.

  1. Will

    rebel Guest

    Tom, I'm still seeing most of your posts coming up with a blank subject line.
    This is apparent when yours is a follow-up to a message that my server/service
    missed, as is the case above (left intact FYI).

    Don't know if this is the same probalem you had a while back.
    rebel, Jun 1, 2007
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  2. Will

    PDR Guest


    A couple of points - at the time you made this purchase Dell didn't HAVE any
    official "resellers"; they only sold direct. This has been their business
    model for a number of years and in numerous countries, and although is is
    *about* to change with things like the Wallmart deal it has yet to do so.
    What has been happening is some people have been buying up Dell items when
    they see the extreme discount deals offered (often only for a day or two)
    and them selling them on when the Dell price returns to normal - this can
    provide a retail marguin which makes the business worthwhile. But Dell are
    NOT makuing these sales on a "wholesale" basis and so their Ts&Cs are
    appropriate to a RETAIL model only. They have not provided the bulk-purchase
    discounts, product training and other things that would normally be required
    to support a wholsale-retail business model as opposed to a purely retail
    one. This has historically been one of the cost-savings which allowed their
    "direct only" business model to deliver competitive pricing.

    In this environment a "reseller" has three choices - they can sell the items
    on as "not new", and therefore offer only limited warranty, or they can fill
    in the appropriate paperwork to transfer the Dell warranty to the new owner
    (which Dell may or may not offer depending on their business principle and
    the requirements of local legislation), or they can decide to accept the
    warranty responsibility themselves and either repair or replace any items
    that fail in the warranty period themselves. From your description the
    reseller doesn't sound like a particularly cleaver or conscientious chap
    (taken from your point about multiple customer numbers and difficulties in
    tracing transactions through his system), so I suspect he has opted to take
    approach number four - do nothing and hope it never fails. He has then
    clearly attempted to fob you off by indicating that you should take the
    matter up with Dell (and you've swallowed it hook, line & sinker) when in
    reality if he wants to act in a retail/reseller role he should be doing all
    that for you.

    I'm guessing that you're un the USA or one of the other colonies, so I can't
    really advise on what your consumer law says. But here in the UK it is very
    clear that a contract of sale is with the retailer, not the manufacturer or
    wholesaler. The warranty responsibility is, in the first instance, with the
    retailer EVEN IF there's a manufacturer's warranty AS WELL. So had what you
    describe happened over here the matter would have been a simple one of a
    small claims court action (or the threat of one) against the retailer for
    the repair/replacement or refund plus costs for the defective item - if the
    retailer had taken the approach he seems to have done here he would probably
    also be investigated and prosecuted for misrepresenting second-hand items as
    new ones (by failing to emophasise the lack of manufacturer's warranty

    Now I appreciate that you will be frustrated, and the general american
    approach is to target the big corporation [who have loads of money and so
    could be tapped for a few million in compensation when a customer is too
    stupid top use a product properly] rather than look for the one who is
    actually at fault, but sit back and think about it here. You have bought
    something from a non-approved, non-franchised reseller of Dell parts. Who
    should you take it up with really?

    PDR, Jun 1, 2007
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  3. Will

    RnR Guest

    Ok. Now can you tell us who is the RESELLER so we don't get burned?
    RnR, Jun 1, 2007
  4. Will

    Will Guest

    Step onto eBay and there hundreds of resellers who are reselling new Dell

    I didn't get burned by the reseller. I got burned by Dell.
    Will, Jun 2, 2007
  5. Will

    Colin Wilson Guest

    I didn't get burned by the reseller. I got burned by Dell.

    Can you explain how you think Dell are responsible for you buying a
    faulty product from someone else ?
    Colin Wilson, Jun 2, 2007
  6. Will

    Will Guest

    I think you did not read my post. I don't like to buy from Dell direct
    because in my experience Dell direct gives me a horrendous experience.
    They have a lousy information system that proliferates customer numbers,
    typos, and other mistakes, and despite dozens of requests (to change phone
    numbers, to change spelling of company, to change description of company's
    business) they just cannot get it right. I'll never forget the time I
    asked for an LTO2 drive for a 136T library and got a quote for an external
    tape drive. No amount of explanation could get that salesperson to
    understand what a 136T tape library was or get him to believe that his
    company sold it. I finally ended up having to get the exact part number
    for him so he could quote it. The fact that Dell deliberately hides
    ordering numbers for such parts further complicates my job in helping a less
    capable salesperson to issue the quote.

    So your premise that I chose to save $100 to forego a cheaper cost of
    business by buying from Dell directly is something I completely disagree
    with. I ordered from someone who gave me a new product, at the best
    possible price, and who did so fairly efficiently.

    I would qualify this significantly. I am not simply asking why does Dell
    not honor warranty based on serial number. I am pointing out Dell has
    competitors, and that none of them engage in this incredibly anti-consumer
    game of trying to make your life hard if you don't buy from Dell direct.
    Dell's competition doesn't care who you buy from. What they care about is
    whether the product is still within a warranty period based on date of first
    sale to *any* customer. All of those competitors are able to establish a
    first sale date based on a serial number alone. If Dell can't compete with
    that, then I won't buy from Dell.

    Dell can pontificate about their business model and no doubt for larger
    customers - with excellent reps - the model may have merit. For our
    company that model has had significant negatives for price and for service
    and for my time. BUT I *would* still buy Dell's product *IF* they would
    compete by honoring warranty based on serial number, not based on a direct
    sale. I guess they can choose between trying to strong arm every customer
    to deal with them directly - and losing a few along the way because they
    just aren't as good at it as they want to believe - or picking up another
    few points of market share by accepting that some customers will
    deliberately choose to NOT deal Dell direct. If they were religious
    zealots, I guess they would stick to Dell Direct. But if they are business
    people who want to make money, they should open their eyes to what they are
    competing against and compete.
    Will, Jun 2, 2007
  7. Will

    Ben Myers Guest

    I read your original post and re-read it, and then I've read all your responses
    in this thread. At this point I can only say "caveat emptor".

    Michael Dell has taken over again, because he did not like what he saw when HP
    overtook Dell in sales volume. He has already made some changes with the
    Walmart deal and the 10% cutback. Whether he and his people are smart enough to
    properly cultivate and build a true reseller channel (like HP does with it
    better systems) or not remains to be seen. I know that if I buy the Dell
    specials on-line, I can do much better than any so-called deals given me by my
    "Dell Sales Rep." So, for me, Dell's reseller channel is a sad joke right now.

    Heretofore, Dell has had almost zero presence in the reseller channel. The
    reseller from whom you bought the monitors either sold them to you as gray
    market goods or did not follow the proper procedure (if there even is one) to
    transfer ownership of the LCD monitors to you. If your reseller has all the
    Dell paperwork for the monitors sold to you, then your reseller has to work
    whatever issues there are with repair/replacement under warranty. If your
    reseller is doing this for you, he is doing his job.

    Once again: "Caveat emptor." Learn something about how a brand name does
    business BEFORE buying the goods. Afterward is a little late, time consuming
    and expensive (at least in terms of your own lost time)... Ben
    Ben Myers, Jun 2, 2007
  8. Will

    Ben Myers Guest

    One more thing... Try, just try, I dare you, to get warranty service from HPaq,
    Gate-machines or any one of the name brands sold through mass market resellers.
    It ain't easy... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jun 2, 2007
  9. Will

    Ben Myers Guest

    Exactly. That's a fine punch line... Ben Myers

    Ben Myers, Jun 2, 2007
  10. Will

    Tom Scales Guest

    Ah, so being on eBay makes it legitimate? Are you for real or just
    Tom Scales, Jun 2, 2007
  11. Will

    RnR Guest

    Tom, he seems to be protecting the reseller because he won't disclose
    their name no matter how much I ask.

    I also laugh because it seems the majority of replies don't agree with
    him but he insists he or the reseller is not at fault. At this point
    let him bash Dell. Anyone with a little knowledge will see right
    thru his story.
    RnR, Jun 2, 2007
  12. Will

    Will Guest

    Well, let's distinguish warranty from technical support. HP generally
    honors warranty without asking you anything more than serial number, and I
    give them high marks for that. My only point against Dell is that they are
    using the serial number as sick gimmick to twist your arm into buying from
    them direct, which for me is a very flawed policy.

    HP has awful technical support. Dell has awful technical support. I am
    not inclined to say anything good about either one, and I wasn't taking
    exception to technical support in this thread, just warranty policies.
    Will, Jun 3, 2007
  13. Will

    Will Guest

    Dell is not responsible for what I buy. The product was also not defective
    when I bought it. In normal use the power switch simply failed, and it's
    probably a trivial mechanical issue. So none of the premises in your
    statement are correct.

    Without engaging in a religious war over whether Dell Direct is good or bad,
    I think it would be sufficient to make the point that Dell will not honor a
    warranty of an LCD product it manufactures within the warranty period of the
    product to anyone except the original buyer. Since everyone here is
    apparently a Dell Direct customer that isn't an issue for them, and that's
    fine as well. The risk for Dell in such a policy is is that some of the
    millions of other customers who might simply go window shopping someday
    online and see a good price on a Dell LCD, might exercise some discretion
    and buy a different manufacturer's product for their next purchase, once
    they have a bad experience with warranty of the type I had.
    Will, Jun 3, 2007
  14. Will

    Tom Scales Guest

    Actually, your statement is false.

    Dell WILL honor a warranty for a second owner. If I sell my personal
    Dell product to another person, I can easily transfer the warranty with
    it. No problem.

    What Dell will NOT support is a RESELLER transferring the warranty, at
    least on a monitor, because Dell doesn't DO resellers. Buyer beware.
    Dell asks when you purchase if it is for resale. Clearly the person
    from whom you purchased the monitor lied in that answer. Again, buyer

    You knew Dell's model. You gambled that the monitor that you purchased
    outside of their model wouldn't fail. The only warranty that you have
    is that provided by the reseller. They should man-up and honor it.

    Why is it that you focus such animosity on Dell? They didn't even SELL
    you the monitor.

    Who is the reseller? We keep asking, you keep avoiding. Let us know so
    we won't waste our money with a dishonest reseller.

    What does the reseller say? Have you even TRIED to contact them?

    Tom Scales, Jun 3, 2007
  15. Will

    Will Guest

    Yes for computer. No for LCD.

    Try to get warranty transferred for an LCD. There is no service tag, only a
    serial number. The Dell transfer business process works on service tag,
    not serial number. I'm sorry if I was not clearer on this point. We have
    at least 15 Dell computers here that were purchased from resellers and that
    were successfully transferred through Dell to be registered to our account.
    My surprise came when I tried to do the same for an LCD and was told that it
    is not possible because Dell doesn't track first sale from a serial number,
    and only the original orderer could claim warranty.

    Maybe I was misinformed, but I'm all ears about how to do the transfer when
    no service tag is available.

    All 15 of our computers were purchase through resellers. For computers
    Dell seems to be more realistic (although it was a real pain to transfer a
    handful of those).

    The reseller is helping us. The reason I don't give their name is that
    they have been good to us and I don't see a reason to supply a name that
    people will mis use. My grip in the thread was about the way Dell does
    LCD warranties, not complaining about a reseller.
    Will, Jun 3, 2007
  16. Will

    Tom Scales Guest

    I stand corrected. I did a search on for the string

    LCD Warranty transfer

    There were 1382 hits from as long as three years ago explaining that LCD
    warranties are not transferrable.

    You did the same search before your purchase, correct? No one would
    spend that much money buying online without the most basic of research,

    Here's the deal. I think it is odd that Dell won't transfer the
    warranty. Seems pretty trivial to me. But they won't. They don't hide
    the fact that they don't. It's very clear with even the most basic
    research. Warranties going only to the first owner of the product are
    not that unusual. If Dell hid this fact or lied about it, then I would
    agree you have a gripe. They don't. They make it pretty clear.

    Here's some applicable quotes:


    Reselling. You may resell Products to end-users approved by Dell, in
    Dell's sole discretion, only after you have added value to the Products
    through the addition of hardware, software, or services. Approval by
    Dell shall not be deemed from the sale of Product to you.

    What 'added value' did your reseller bring to the table? Did they
    install the monitors? Add a nice decal? Sounds like it was not an
    authorized reseller.
    Tom Scales, Jun 3, 2007
  17. Will

    RnR Guest

    Ok but you sure went to great lengths to complain about it. I still
    wonder if you bothered to read the reseller's policies completely or
    Dell's for that matter before you started this thread. The other
    problem might be that you carelessly spent someone else's money
    without asking enough questions before hand. I guess that's where
    experience helps. Thank goodness the reseller is making up for your
    RnR, Jun 3, 2007
  18. Will

    Tony Harding Guest

    If you bought your bum monitor from Joe Bagadonuts, why don't you take
    your problem to them? You're "appalled"? You're an idiot.
    Tony Harding, Jun 3, 2007
  19. Will

    Tony Harding Guest

    It's very simple, you didn't buy the monitor from Dell, so Dell has no
    obligation to you. Have you contacted the guy you bought it from
    Tony Harding, Jun 3, 2007
  20. Will

    Tony Harding Guest

    Seems to me that Dell's doing better at their shtick than you are at
    yours. Chalk it up as a lesson learned the hard way.
    Tony Harding, Jun 3, 2007
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