Dell's new attitude is going to put them where Circuit City ended up.

Discussion in 'Dell' started by alien, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. alien

    alien Guest

    This post is merely a vent and a hope that someone from Dell reads this.
    I just received my 4th Dell computer and including my place of employment
    and friends and family have been involved in the purchase of 10 other Dell
    computers, a couple of TVs and a few monitors. Easily over $15,000 of
    products over the last 5 years.

    When ordering my latest notebook for my wife, the agent asked if I'd
    like a backlit keyboard. I said sure and was pleased that he brought this
    up as I hadn't thought of it. After ordering I was reading some reviews
    just passing time and read a review that mentioned "too bad this model
    doesn't come with a backlit keyboard". I looked closely at my email order
    details and sure enough there wasn't one listed.

    I called back and was advised that the agent was wrong to have offered
    that option for a 14" inspiron Z. The new agent said it was already shipped,
    but I could send it back and order another computer with a backlit keyboard.
    So I agreed and configured a studio 1555 only an inch bigger and only $50
    more. Again I hang up the phone pleased.

    When I called to get the RMA to return the 1st notebook I explained to
    the agent that I was misinformed about an option on it and would like to
    return it. She said that there would be a restocking fee. I told her no
    there wouldn't because it was Dell's agent that made the mistake not mine
    and that I had ordered another notebook. She said "If you ordered another
    notebook, then what's that order number?" In a tone that implied that I was
    lying. I kept my cool as best as I could and gave her the new order number.
    I was put on hold for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes about 15 minutes per
    hold with the agent coming back on the line to tell me sorry for the delay.
    I can only guess as to the reason for the long delays. I had already proved
    that I wasn't trying to rip off Dell by faking a reorder and trying to avoid
    the restocking fee. (BTW, I sent back the 1st computer without even
    breaking the seal on the box)

    That alone should have made me mad enough to never order another Dell
    but yesterday I received a call from an 800 number that showed on my caller
    ID 800 Service. I answered and after waiting the usual 10 seconds for a
    telemarketer to come on the line a Dell agent asked how I was enjoying my
    new Dell. I said it's a very nice computer. She then asked if I was using
    it for home or office. I told her home. She then said that she sees that I
    have a 2 year warranty and if I would take an additional 3 years warranty I
    would receive $50 dollars off and a $75 gift card. I politely said "I don't
    think I'm interested in any additional warranty at this time" I thought she
    would either up the offer or ask if I would like a different plan or say
    thank you or OK or anything but her response was ..... CLICK

    Wake up Dell. Your customers aren't going to put up with being treated
    this way for long. The reference to Circuit City in the title of this post
    refers to years ago when I bought one of my first desktop computers that was
    defective and upon returning it to the store I was told there would be a
    restocking fee even though it was defective. An attorney advised me that if
    it didn't say "unless defective" on the receipt , there was nothing I could
    do. So I took the $400 loss. I told the store manager that if they didn't
    make good on it, I'd spread the story to every person I knew. He laughed at
    me. I told the story for 15 years to every person that mentioned the name
    Circuit City to me. RIP CC. Be careful Dell.

    alien, Jan 21, 2010
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  2. alien

    alien Guest

    Oh c'mon RnR, I can take Dell not believing I was telling the whole truth,
    but you?!?..... Just kidding ;)

    alien, Jan 21, 2010
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  3. alien

    Daddy Guest

    Good service can only come from good people, and good people are
    expensive. We can't expect good service if we also expect low prices.

    Corporate 'attitudes' are shaped by many factors beyond customers,
    including investors, investment analysts and debtholders (among others).
    True, there's no business without customers, but there's no business
    without financing, either.

    At the same time, razor thin margins have led to less competition, as
    more and more businesses exit their industries or fail altogether.

    So here we are: We demanded the lowest possible price...and now we're
    living with the consequences.

    Daddy, Jan 21, 2010
  4. Had a similar experience with Gateway back in 1999. Ordered a laptop for
    college in May from one of the local Gateway Country stores, so that I could
    learn it and have it before school started at the end of August. The store
    was a little over an hour away, but I wanted to see the models before
    deciding. Go there, pick out what I want, getting ready to leave (to order
    it at home), when the manager said that he could have it shipped to my home
    in 2 weeks, if I ordered there. (At that point, the stores were usually the
    destination point, not the home.) Go OK, pay, and go on. Two weeks come
    and go, no shipment. A month comes, no shipment. Call the store, ask what
    the holdup was, some component, say ok. Wait until the beginning of July,
    when my order says its delivered. However, not at my home, at the store.
    In my excitement, I wasn't too worried.

    Drive the hour to the store, pick it up, bring it home, turn it on, and
    starts to load. Then, blue screen. (Windows 98 at that point). Having
    worked with computers, know something is up, call the help number, wait on
    hold for 90 minutes, then proceed to walk through all the troubleshooting
    steps (2 hours). Say the OS needs reloaded. OK. Still on phone, begin
    process. Process craps out. Agent says I need to return to store with
    machine. Do so next day. Store manager says I need the CDs also (which the
    phone rep agent says I didn't.) Leave machine, go home, get CDs, go back.
    Machine gets mailed out. 10 days later, machine back, go to pick up.

    Getting smarter now, open package at the store, CDs missing. Manager said
    didn't send originally. Know I did, kept documentation, showed, manager
    said I would get another set. Turn machine on....SAME PROBLEM. Had enough,
    asked for refund for new machine, as its within 30 day return window from
    delivery. Manager said no, as from time of purchase (before order) to this
    point, over 30 days. Have paperwork that says from delivery/receipt.
    Wasn't arguing further with idiot. Left machine, called credit card company
    and Gateway directly to dispute charges. After two months of fighting with
    Gateway about paperwork, finally get full refund. (If it wasn't for credit
    card company being on my side, we'd still be fighting.)

    Now, beginning of August, computerless. Go home after leaving machine at
    store, order Dell laptop online, at door in a week, goes to college, no

    Hopefully, Dell will not get further into problems as if they follow
    Gateway's footsteps, they won't be around long.
    John Novicki Jr, Jan 21, 2010
  5. Hi!

    Well, it certainly sounds like you've had a lot of unfortunate
    experiences so far...and while these are no doubt discouraging, I
    wouldn't be so quick to dump Dell for those reasons alone.

    Dell has some staff they refer to as "customer service liaisons". I've
    been contacted by them at least once, and information gleaned from the
    conversation I had strongly suggested that they don't know of this
    newsgroup. During that time, I was given a general e-mail address that
    was said to be a direct line to these people.

    Dell does not appear to have had anyone representing them in this
    newsgroup for the better part of a decade.

    (On another subject: Their own web site seems to have a fondness as of
    late for letting a few impossible builds go through. You are told that
    by selecting certain options that other options are required, but at
    no point can you actually select those options--resulting in a system
    that can never be built.)

    Since you mentioned Circuit City, I think it's unfortunate that they
    are gone. I never had too many complaints with them (outside of one
    extended warranty they couldn't seem to honor--not that I'm sure this
    was their fault). Now--at least in this part of the world--it seems
    that Best Buy rolls on with nearly no competition.

    William R. Walsh, Jan 21, 2010
  6. alien

    alien Guest

    Agreed. However if I had demanded the lowest possible price I would have
    bought an eMachine from Walmart or Bestbuy for $359. I bought a Dell for
    $849 and expected a better attitude from Dell's employees. I could see if I
    had been calling and complaining or bad mouthing their service or product.
    This was not the case.

    alien, Jan 21, 2010
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