Dell's XPS 410 --Anyone?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Cognito, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Cognito

    Cognito Guest

    Thinking of buying this model. Does anyone have this system, if so, do you
    like it? Any recommendations on must buy components with this computer? I
    was planning on upgrading the video card to the less expensive GE Force that
    is offered.

    Thanks much!
    Cognito, Oct 12, 2006
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  2. Cognito

    Cognito Guest

    This is a little scary! A Dell newsgroup and nobody has this model
    computer? I was hoping to hear from someone for some feedback on the 410.
    Oh, well! :)
    Cognito, Oct 14, 2006
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  3. Cognito

    Guest Guest

    I think most people are waiting for Dell to regain their sanity and drop the
    price on this unit considerably.

    Guest, Oct 14, 2006
  4. Cognito

    Annie Guest

    LOL! I'm with you on that!


    Annie, Oct 15, 2006
  5. Cognito

    WSZsr Guest

    I have one on the way/ Will let you know. Good reviews though!
    WSZsr, Oct 15, 2006
  6. Cognito

    Annie Guest

    Great! Thank you so much!


    Annie, Oct 15, 2006
  7. Cognito

    S.Lewis Guest

    Wasn't it you or Sparky who had one and returned it?

    My memory is slipping.
    S.Lewis, Oct 15, 2006
  8. Cognito

    WSZsr Guest

    Wasn't me Stew. I waited to order until the motherboard/chipset issues were
    WSZsr, Oct 16, 2006
  9. Cognito

    S.Lewis Guest

    My bad. Interested in hearing your comments/experiences with the machine.
    I've not had one here yet. Enjoy.

    S.Lewis, Oct 16, 2006
  10. Cognito

    Kelvin Guest

    who needs XPS410 when the quad core out in a couple of months
    Kelvin, Oct 16, 2006
  11. Cognito

    Notan Guest

    And who needs the quad core, when the _____ comes out a few _____s later?

    Etc., etc., etc.

    Notan, Oct 16, 2006
  12. Cognito

    User N Guest

    The Kentsfield based Core 2 Extreme QX6700 launch is next month. It
    is socket 775 and I believe 975 boards and some 965 boards support it
    with just a BIOS update. I'm not sure what the deal is with the Nvidia
    chipset, but I recall seeing a pic of a Dell quad-core wrapped in XPS
    700 clothing. So perhaps people won't actually have to wait a couple of
    months. If Intel and Dell could pull it off it would make a nice box to
    offer for xmas.

    Worth noting is that the part will be pricey and not surprisingly it turns out
    to be harder to keep four cores busy than it is to keep two cores busy so
    short term at least it will probably only be worthwhile for braggin rights
    and/or those who do very heavy multitasking or run truly scalable apps.
    The early Intel quad-cores will be two dual-cores slapped together sorta
    like the early Intel dual cores being two single cores slapped together.
    That is expedient and will get you much of the performance, but a refined
    and better integrated quad-core... Yorkfield... is scheduled for Q3 of
    2007. It is to be single die with shared rather than separate L2, be on
    45nm vs 65nm process, include new SSE4 instructions, and be paired
    with a new chipset that supports a 1333MHz FSB and DDR3. Then
    about a year later the next new microarchitecture, Nehalem, is supposed
    to arrive. So there might be some logic to not chasing after the pricey
    first-gen quad cores, but rather picking up a low to mid Core 2 Duo to
    last you til 2008 so you can pick up a better quad-core well after launch
    or to last you til 2009 so you can pickup a Nehalem well after launch. If
    that makes any sense.
    User N, Oct 17, 2006
  13. Cognito

    S.Lewis Guest

    Makes perfect sense to me. I'm still running near top of the line Prescotts
    or Northwoods.(g)

    S.Lewis, Oct 17, 2006
  14. Cognito

    JAM Guest

    I ordered my XPS 410 from the Dell website on 9/18/06 and received it
    about a week ago.

    Man, oh, man, what a DREAM machine! I am on cloud nine. Every time I
    turn on my computer to work, I feel as if I am driving around in a
    brand-new car. It is delightful, and I actually look forward to going
    to work. LOL

    I did change my XPS 410 a slight bit from the stock model offered. I
    upgraded the processor from an E6300 to an E6400, after reading some of
    the posts on this NG.

    I also needed a 3.5-inch floppy drive for my business, so I had that

    The sound card was upgraded to the best offered Sound X-something or
    another, and I decided I would like the double DVD drive.

    This XPS 410 is everything I thought it would be and then some. I
    would recommend it highly.

    Washington, D.C.
    JAM, Oct 18, 2006
  15. Cognito

    Annie Guest

    Thanks! Sounds great! Which speed did you get? I was thinking the 2.4
    Annie, Oct 18, 2006
  16. 'Twas I, the details are in a separate thread.
    Try reseating your DIMMs first, then run memtest86 if you still have a

    Sparky Spartacus, Oct 20, 2006
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