DeskJet 722C and USR8000 router

Discussion in 'HP' started by Atsushi Yoshida, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    Does anybody have experience to connect HP DeskJet722C to a print
    server of USR 8000 broadband router?

    I connected DeskJet722C printer to the printer port of USR8000 and try
    to print from a PC connected to the USR8000. The printing is OK if the
    document size is small (such as single page document). But if I try to
    print a large document (more than two pages), the print out has many
    many garbage characters.

    If any of you has similar experience and has some advises, please let
    me know.

    -Atsushi Yoshida
    Atsushi Yoshida, Oct 6, 2003
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  2. Atsushi Yoshida

    Kent Shaw Guest

    I have mine networked using a D-link 101P+ print server using a
    TCP/IP static address. Works fine most of the time with an
    occassional communications error. I am running XP and use the XP
    driver--not the HP 10.3 software.
    Kent Shaw, Oct 6, 2003
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  3. Thank you, Kent.

    From my observation, the problem seems likely to occur when the LAN
    between the PC (WinXP) and the print server (built in USR8000 router)
    is busy. I think such error should not occur even though
    the network is busy.

    I have recetly learned that DeskJet722C is supposed to connect directly
    to PC. Do you think this is related to my (and your commnunication error)

    Thank you.
    -Atsushi Yoshida
    Atsushi Yoshida, Oct 6, 2003
  4. Atsushi Yoshida

    MyndPhlyp Guest

    I believe it is. In the past, I've tried moving a 722C to a JetDirect 500X
    print spooler and received nothing but failures for my efforts. Even
    attempts to "dummy down" the printer options did not help.

    The 722C (and several other HP printers) is definitely a host-based device.
    MyndPhlyp, Oct 6, 2003
  5. Thank you for your advise.
    By the way, what is a "host-based device"?

    -Atsushi Yoshida
    Atsushi Yoshida, Oct 7, 2003
  6. Atsushi Yoshida

    MyndPhlyp Guest

    Host-based means that the printer must be connected directly to the PC in
    order for the driver to communicate with the printer. If you search HP's
    support pages for the 722C and the JetDirect 500x print spooler, you'll find
    a document in there somewhere that lists the various HP printer models that
    do not work on the print spooler.
    MyndPhlyp, Oct 7, 2003
  7. Thank you for your advise.

    -Atsushi Yoshida

    Atsushi Yoshida, Oct 8, 2003
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