Desparate - Need help with Laptop

Discussion in 'HP' started by PEmpson181, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. PEmpson181

    PEmpson181 Guest

    I just started using an HP Pavilion laptop computer. I installed VCom Fix-It
    Utilities on it and restarted the system as directed. Now it is locked with a
    screen called "Rescue Disk". I can't turn it off or use ctrl-alt-del to
    restart the system. Nothing works.

    I think this program locked everything up because another virus program was
    installed but I can't get into the computer to delete Fix-it.

    How can I turn this computer off, or at least get to a prompt so I can delete

    I tried putting the Windows XP CD in the drive and it did nothing--nothing
    helps. What should I do?

    I'm desparate here.
    PEmpson181, Aug 15, 2004
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  2. PEmpson181

    Chuck Guest

    Chuck, Aug 15, 2004
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  3. PEmpson181

    PEmpson181 Guest

    Do you have rescue disks or start up disks?
    No--the computer doesn't have a floppy drive anyway.
    PEmpson181, Aug 16, 2004
  4. PEmpson181

    Ben Myers Guest

    Try this:

    Power up the computer, hold down the F8 key, and start up the computer in Safe
    mode. Next, roll back the computer to a restore point taken before the time
    when you installed VCom Fix-It. Alternatively, once the computer is started in
    Safe Mode, click on Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and remove
    (uninstall) VCom Fix-It.

    If you can't succeed in starting the computer in Safe Mode, your best and
    perhaps only recourse is to enter the computer's BIOS setup, make sure it is set
    up to boot from the CD-ROM drive first (before booting from the hard drive).
    Put the restore CD in the CD-ROM drive and reboot. If the restore CD is a
    proper one and undamaged, the restore CD should start up, and give you the
    choice to boot from CD or hard drive. Choose "Boot from CD", and you will then
    be guided through a reinstall of Windows XPee. Choose any and all options to
    over-write the current hard drive information completely.

    If you are within spitting distance of Harvard, MA, bring the computer in and
    we'll straighten it out for a fee... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Aug 16, 2004
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