DH61AG won't post

Discussion in 'Intel' started by craigrph, Feb 23, 2013.

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    Feb 23, 2013
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    I have a DH61AG miniatx that will not post.

    Patriot 2 x 4gb PC3-10600 1333Mhz Patriot
    Bestec 19.5 v power supply, (came with loop) tested reads 20v dc.
    Core i5 3770s
    Intel 335 2.5inch 240gb sata3 SSD
    Loop 21 AIO L5 chassis
    6230 Ieee 802.11n Bluetooth/wifi combo
    LG super multi GT60N slim DVD/rw

    Board will not post, led lights, CPU fan spins for about 1 second then nothing. nothing on monitor, no beeps, nothing

    I have tried each of the following:

    Replaced CPU
    1 stick of ram, in each slot
    different ram
    reseating CPU and cooler with new thermal paste
    booting with only ram, cpu connected
    booting with board out of chassis with just ram and cpu
    resetting cmos

    all with same result

    Key piece of info most of us leave out:

    Fisrt boot was with a i5-3570 non s (ordered wrong cpu and did not check, doh!) the 3570 non s is a 75w chip. this board supports only up to 65w. Did that bork the MB? What else could be at issue??

    I have been building PCs for 20 years but I am stumped. Unless I got a bad Mobo

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    craigrph, Feb 23, 2013
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