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Did you know this? I sure did not.

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by johns, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. johns

    johns Guest

    Just got in a Dell Dimension 9150 to setup and test.
    I had to reinstall everything ( for lab reasons ), and
    after deleting all the partitions, I started reinstalling
    XP from the Dell cd. I noticed that the video card
    ... 7900GS 256 .. was making a lot of fan noise. It
    was so loud that I called Dell Tech Support about it.
    They did not know why either, and started to send
    me a replacement. In the meantime, I downloaded
    all the drivers from Dell, and as soon as I loaded
    the video driver for the 7900GS, the fan went quiet,
    and now runs under the control of the driver. If I
    really push the 7900 in a 3d app or game, I can
    hear the fan come up somewhat, and I can see
    the temp at about 50C. After a while the fan quietens
    as the temp cools. My question: is this true of
    the standard 7900 driver for all machines. I have
    the 7900 GTO at home, and I had to install a
    better fan with an external controller to quieten
    the thing. My home card runs at 33C to max
    of about 48C with that fan. Be nice to put that
    fan under the driver control since it also has
    speed control on the card ??? The Dell driver
    works fine. Shame the 7900GS has such a crappy
    OEM heat sink. It deserves better .. but mine cost
    me about $55.

    johns, Aug 4, 2006
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  2. johns

    First of One Guest

    Yes, this is normal behavior with new nVidia cards. In the old days (FX5800
    era), they just had two distinct fan speeds for 2D and 3D. Now it ramps up
    progressively according to temperature. With Rivatuner you can adjust
    several parameters like the idle fan speed, ramp schedule, etc.

    The ramping action requires the fan controller to be capable of sending a
    PWM signal. Not all cards can do this, obviously. Furthermore, some cards
    have the hardware, but the BIOS doesn't expose it to the drivers. Which
    category your GTO belongs to is anybody's guess.
    First of One, Aug 4, 2006
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  3. johns

    johns Guest

    I wish they'd stop it with the guessing games. This
    driver control of cooling and keeping the thing quiet
    is the difference between buying the card, and not
    buying the card. An uncontrolled 7900 is a nightmare,
    and yet this is one of the top cards out there. I
    even called BFG on my BFG 7900 GTO, and the tech
    guy basically laughed in my face, and dared me
    to void my warranty by installing a quiet fan. Now, I
    learn that the proper driver for the thing does a nice
    job of quieting it down. You'd think that BFG tech
    support would know that. They don't. I'm glad I have
    my Zalmon cooler, but maybe I could have just
    downloaded a decent driver for free. The other thing
    is, if BFG is building cards that are not very smart,
    then maybe it is time for them to "smarten" up.
    Also, I have yet to see these Dell Dimensions
    fail to do their job, and respond to any challenge
    I have set them against. Somebody over there is
    getting the job done.

    johns, Aug 4, 2006
  4. johns

    First of One Guest

    Before you start crapping over the tech support guy... If the fan wasn't
    quiet before, what "improper" drivers were you using? The first step of any
    troubleshooting process is ensuring you have the most recent drivers
    It's not quite that simple is it? Does a loud fan suddenly become acceptable
    in the middle of a game? There's no substitute for a fan that remains quiet
    at 100% speed. The Zalman definitely was not money wasted.
    Again, keep things in perspective.

    Keep in mind the BFG card is overclocked out of the factory. Naturally it
    won't run as quiet as the Dell card. BFG is the only mfr not getting an
    unusually high number of returns from cards overheating (versus eVGA, XFX,
    etc.). The company is at the top of its game.
    First of One, Aug 5, 2006
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