Difference between 7N400 PRO /7N400 PRO Nforce2

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Wirehub, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Wirehub

    Wirehub Guest


    I trying to figure out what the difference is between 7N400 PRO and the
    7N400 PRO2 as far as concerned the performance of the Media and
    Communications Processor(MCP) for 7N400 PRO2 and Media and Communications
    Processor - Turbo (MCP-T) for the 7N400 PRO.

    Does anyone now?

    If I read the manual carefully, I like to move my excising setup from a
    Promise Fasttrack 100 on MSI KT4V with XP2400+ (standard locked) to either
    the 7N400 PRO or 7N400 PRO2 with the following setup:

    IDE RAID 0 span 1 (IDE3+4 master) 2* Maxtor 40GB (5400 rpm, 2mb cache) as
    boot and extra space harddisk
    IDE RAID 0 span 2 (IDE3+4 slave) 2* Maxtor 80GB (7200 rpm, 2mb cache, liquid
    bearing) extra space harddisk with several partitions

    SATA RAID 0 2* Maxtor 120GB (SATA, 8MB cache, 7200rpm)

    IDE 1 - Liteon DVD writer
    IDE 2 - Liteon DVD ROM

    I assume I have used al my IDE/SATA then, but it is possible or not?

    Does this mainboard unlock the my chip actually, or do I still have to
    manually unlock my chip?


    Wirehub, Nov 18, 2003
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  2. Wirehub

    John Guest

    You are correct in your configuration. You can put up to 4 IDE disks
    on the GigaRAID (IDE 3/4) channels and one disk each on the SATA

    Having benchmarked the GigaRAID (IDE3/4) on this board as well as
    seeing what other people have posted, I was very disappointed. IDE
    RAID 0 ran slower than a single, non-RAID IDE drive. You do RAID 0
    for performance or to get the effect of one large disk from several
    small disks. If you are going to partition the RAID 0 array anyway,
    then why not just run each disk as a separate partition on IDE 1/2 and
    forget RAID 0?
    I would also use the fastest disk(s) (7200RPM and 8MB cache)as the
    boot disk since that's where most of your activity will be.

    As for the SATA RAID, I had nothing but trouble with it. I was using
    WD 800JB 80GB IDE disks with Rockethead 100 SATA converters in a RAID
    0 array. The SATA subsystem would periodically just stop accessing one
    of the RAID disks. I've had to revert to just running a single disk on
    IDE 1.
    John, Nov 24, 2003
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