Difference Between Intel Mobile Centrino and Dell Internal 802.11g??

Discussion in 'Dell' started by gary, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. gary

    gary Guest

    Am getting ready to buy a new laptop for a relative for
    their birthday. I would like to get built-in wireless LAN
    capability, and also hopefully Blue-tooth wireless.

    Does anyone know the difference between Intel Mobile
    Centrino and the Dell wireless LAN (besides price)?

    I have a new HP laptop (company-provided) which has Intel
    Mobile Centrino as well as BlueTooth and I just love it.
    Have a Bluetooth wireless mouse for the HP laptop. And with
    the Intel Centrino, it's super-easy to connect to an
    available wireless connection, and super-easy to connect a
    Bluetooth device.

    First, does Intel Mobile Centrino ALWAYS include bluetooth
    capability, or is this something you have to add/pay for

    Second, what's the difference besides price, if I get a less
    expensive unit with Dell's own 1370 Internal Wireless
    (802.11b/g)? Does this also have bluetooth capability, or
    can this be added?

    Are there any compatibility issues between the Intel and the
    Dell version of the internal wireless LAN features? Or
    does it work the same, only one is made by Dell, the other
    by Intel?

    Thanks for any help/advice.
    gary, Feb 28, 2006
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  2. Look at the thread from last weekend entitled entitled "'dell wireless
    1370' vs. 'intel wireless 2200'"; it pretty much applies to all Intel
    cards (2100, 2200, 2950, etc.).
    No, Centrino is just a marketing gimmick by Intel to push their chipsets
    & WiFi cards. Bluetooth is not WiFi, and furthermore I don't believe
    Intel offers a BT solution.
    BT is completely separate from a WiFi card; for the difference between
    Dells card and the Intel card, see the thread I mentioned above. Yes a
    bluetooth card may be added.
    Again see thread from 3 days ago. I have no personal experience with
    the Dell card (which is actually made by Broadcomm), but others in the
    thread claimed incompatibility with some routers. I'd say for most
    intents and purposes the cards don't differ much unless you're running
    Nicholas Andrade, Feb 28, 2006
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