Difference between P4C800 and P4P800

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Frank Hamer, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Frank Hamer

    Frank Hamer Guest

    maybe somebody can help me by answering the following questions
    (I have check the Product Spec. but didn't found a clear answer

    1.)Can you use either the P4P800 or the P4C800 motherboard with RAID
    under Windows 98, for 133 ATA and Serial ATA ? and can I build a RAID
    system Type 0+1 only if a have XP
    2.) is it possible to build a RAID system with SERIAL ATA Drives at
    all ?
    3.) What is biggest advance for buying a Pc800-E instead of a P4800
    del Board ? Is the difference only the faster Northbridge chip and
    the ECC feature or there something else .

    Best Regards

    Frank Hamer
    Frank Hamer, Oct 29, 2003
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  2. Frank Hamer

    DaveW Guest

    The P4C800-E runs ~7% faster than the P4P800.
    DaveW, Oct 30, 2003
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  3. Frank Hamer

    Paul Guest

    Hi Dave.

    1. I would say you can use RAID 0 and 1 on 98.

    Just as long as you set it up thru BIOS
    on the P4P800 (The P4P800
    non-deluxe is SATA RAID ONLY NOT hard
    drive RAID, and it is only RAID 0).

    I know in XP, you have to make the install
    disk from the CD, which has the RAID
    drivers on it, then while installing XP, you
    have to press F6, so you can install the RAID
    drivers during installation, so XP knows you
    want to use SATA. I don't know / can't remember
    if you can do the same in 98 while you're installing

    You'll need the deluxe v of P4P800 to use
    RAID 0, and 1.

    2. Yes, the P4P800 non-deluxe and deluxe
    both support RAID. The non-deluxe supports
    SATA RAID 0 ONLY. And both will let you
    install and boot from a SATA hdd.

    And both the non-deluxe and deluxe v
    of the P4P800 support SATA

    The deluxe, both RAID 0, and 1.

    I don't know if the deluxe version supports
    HDD RAID 0+1 as well. BUT I don't think
    so. Also, under 98 on the P4P800, if you
    DO use RAID, it'll disable an ide connection.

    SATA is native to XP. NOT 98,95, etc.

    You'll also need SP1 (for XP), if you
    do decide to use it for SATA.

    If you use SATA on XP, you'll have 4 ide
    ports and 2 SATA. On 98 and under you wont.

    3. I've never used the PC-800E, so I can't
    tell you what the differences are between that
    and the P4P800.
    Paul, Oct 31, 2003
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