Difficult Quiz Question: P4C800E Deluxe---SATA Raid 1---w/removeable IDE Drive

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Randy, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Randy

    Randy Guest

    This HAS worked in the past on THIS computer, so I know it's possible. Asus
    just replaced the board so the new one could have a different BIOS,etc.
    Still, for the sharp ones out there, see if you can figure out a simple

    Two SATA drives in Raid 1 have the OS. Works fine. RAID is the boot device
    in BIOS. Now, plug in the IDE hard drive (lives in a removeable case) which
    is configured as a Primary Slave, and the IDE drive tries to take over as
    boot drive (which it can't---no OS) and RAID array no longer appears as a
    boot device. The goal is to disable the IDE drive as a boot device while
    getting the RAID array to re-appear, and not have this happen over and over
    each time the computer is started with the IDE drive plugged in.

    Randy, Feb 4, 2005
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