DIM9200 with Vista- what exactly is drive D? and other Restoration functions

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Joe, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Joe

    Joe Guest

    I've now had my Dim 9200 for several months and I've been meaning to find
    out just exactly what is the extra drive partition that came with the
    computer: drive D identified as Recovery. I understand that Windows has
    Recovery functions but how do you make use of the stuff on the Recovery

    The manual that came with my Dim 9200 is was written before Vista- or is
    that irrelevant? My other 2 older Dells which came with Vista didn't come
    with a Recovery partion.

    The manual discusses the Recovery functions. On pg. 72 it discusses
    "Restoring your operation system". It mentions:

    * use of system Restore
    * Dell PC Restore by Symantec- which I don't have, but I do have a
    "Reinstallation DVD"- at the top, the disc just says "operating system-
    already installed on your computer"
    * "if you received an Operating System CD ..... you can use it to restore
    your operating system. However, using the OS CD deletes all data..... Use
    the CD only if System Restore did not resolve your OS problem.

    I'm presuming that the OS DVD I have is not a full MS Vista OS disk? It's
    just for restoring this particular Dell? That's fine by me- but I always
    like to know the facts.

    Now, in the tome: "Special Edition- Using MS Windows Vista", I get a bit
    confused with the Restore functions.

    On pg 966 it says, "If you cannot start your system from the hard disk,
    insert your Windows Vista installation media and use it as a boot device.
    .......... On the following screen select Repair Your computer. The system
    searches for recovery options. Click Repair and Restart. In some cases, this
    is all you need to do to fix a problem with your system."

    QUESTION: Does my "Reinstallation DVD" have this Repair Your Computer
    function on it? Common sense says it should but the manual said use of the
    OS CD will delete all data. I recall in the early days of Windows, using the
    floppies- and finding a "fix system" routine.

    Next, the Special Edition tome says that if the above mentioned Repair Your
    Computer didn't fix the problem, reboot again and this time from the DVD and
    choose "Repair Your Computer" again and this time a menu will come up. The
    options include Startup Repair, System Restore, Complete PC Restore, Windows
    Memory Diagnostic Took, and Command Prompt. The book offers good
    explanations of these functions so I won't ask about them at this time.

    I just noticed a "NOTE" in the Windows tome that says, "If you are using a
    preinstalled edition of Windows Vista, ask your hardware vendor how to
    access the Repair Your Computer feature. A vendor might include a special
    boot disc with a system or provide you with instructions on how to make a
    boot disc that contains the files necessary to repair your installation."

    So, in conclusion- what is on that Recovery Drive D- the full OS and all the
    Restore and Recovery functions? How to get to them?

    And, does the, "Reinstallation DVD" also contain a full OS and those
    functions- despite the warning in the Dell manual that use of this will
    delete all files?

    I'd rather get a sense of this now, rather than when my system goes south.

    Joe, Feb 13, 2008
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  2. Joe

    S.Lewis Guest


    There is a restore partition on your hard drive that contains the original
    factory image (OS, drivers, applications) that can be used to take the
    system back to "out of the box" software state. Using this option loses all
    data and apps added since the system was first booted.

    The Vista DVD is simply the Vista OS and is meant for reinstalling the
    operating system only. The end user has to download and install necessary
    drivers and manually install any wanted applications.
    S.Lewis, Feb 13, 2008
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  3. Joe

    Joe Guest

    So, that "out of the box" image includes whatever I ordered with my system-
    that is Office 2007? Since you can order different packages, they make
    precisely as each system was at production? Amazing. But, if I ever have to
    use it- how do I do it?

    How do I get access to the "Repair Your Computer function" that was
    discussed in the Vista book- if I ever need it- thank God I don't need it
    now, but I like to know ahead of time for the inevitable.

    And, how can I create a boot disk? Or can I boot from the Vista OS DVD to
    run the "Repair Your Computer function"?

    Joe, Feb 14, 2008
  4. Joe

    S.Lewis Guest

    Joe -

    All good questions:

    1) To perform a Dell (Vista) image restore, you press F8 at the Dell splash
    screens and follow the prompts. You'll be led into a Vista GUI that has
    several options, including the Dell factory image restore. And, yes, if you
    ordered the system with Office, then Office (and all your drivers and other
    apps on the machine when it arrived from the factory) will also be in place
    as well.

    2) The "Vista Repair" function is also accessed via the F8 key and should be
    listed in the menu (above).

    3) I suppose if Vista completely crashed to a point where the F8 prompt will
    no longer reach the menu, then one would be forced to run a repair from the
    (bootable) Dell Vista CD. I've not done this yet myself, but I feel pretty
    sure there is "repair" option that would let you repair Vista while
    attempting to retain all of your files/folders/messages and applications.


    S.Lewis, Feb 14, 2008
  5. Joe

    Joe Guest


    Joe, Feb 15, 2008
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