dimension 8300 can get too hot

Discussion in 'Dell' started by azad adsay., Jan 31, 2004.

  1. azad adsay.

    azad adsay. Guest

    hello people,
    my dimension 8300 is a great thing. i played splinter cell, while i
    converted a video with dr. divx without problems, great!

    but - after finishing the video, i checked the temperature of the cpu, the
    northbridge (their passive coolers) and became shocked because they were
    both evil hot. too hot, something must be done. has anyone an idea what i
    can make? the problem is that dell doesn't follow the atx norms, so i don't
    know what can be changed without getting problems. my idea was to put on a
    new cpu cooler (noiseblocker, any one knows them).

    other or better ideas? it is also very stupid that i can't see the cpu's
    temperature! the machine isnt overlocked or something..

    kindly regards
    azad adsay., Jan 31, 2004
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