Dimension 8300 front panel USB connector location

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Greg Smith, May 11, 2004.

  1. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith Guest

    I bought a floppy bay card reader for my Dimension 8300. It didn't come
    with instructions.

    The description on the PC Club web site states that it connects to the
    USB Front Panel Connector.

    Where is that located? The connector is a flat, inline, 4-pin female
    with what looks like a blank at one end to ensure proper pin alignment
    on the motherboard connector. There is only one 4-pin male connector
    that I can see on the motherboard and it has no plastic guide so I have
    no idea IF it's the right connector, and if it is, which way to put it

    The connector in question is about an inch to the right and a half inch
    down from the motherboard battery as viewed with the PCI cards to the

    Anyone install anything like this in a Dimension care to lend some

    I only paid $10 for the card reader. I really hate to spend $50 to have
    PC Club install it.
    Greg Smith, May 11, 2004
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  2. Greg Smith

    S.Lewis Guest


    I don't know of an additional USB pinout on that mb, but that's not to say
    that's not what you're seeing from those 4 pins. If you'll look closely
    (which in my case would require reading glasses), there should be writing
    (in white) by those pins indicating what they in fact are. The Dell website
    has gotten pretty weak in providing detailed layouts of their system boards.

    The primary front USB (and audio for that matter) connector can be found by
    locating the 1.5' flat ribbon cable that runs to the front ("control panel")
    I/O board below the hard drive cage (and to the mb as well). You might also
    wish to take a flashlight and view that I/O board for pins, but I believe
    the only ones that will be vacant are for an internal speaker and chassis
    intrusion plug-in that the Dimension does not utilize (Optiplex does).

    Post back.

    S.Lewis, May 11, 2004
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  3. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith Guest

    Apparently the 8300 does not have a USB connector on the motherboard. I
    either have to buy a PCI USB card and add a 5 port card to my current 8
    or I have to homebrew a cable from a USB extension cable by splicing it
    to the card reader, run it through a hole in a PCI slot cover, and plug
    it into a free USB slot in the back (outside) of the case.
    Greg Smith, May 11, 2004
  4. Greg Smith

    Frank K. Guest

    The front USB port is behind the lift up panel on the front
    of the tower. The panel is round on the bottom. Just lift it
    up and the USB port is facing down, under an overhang. There
    is a headphone connector next to it.
    Frank K., May 11, 2004
  5. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith Guest

    What I meant was the *motherboard* front USB connector but apparently
    there isn't one. At least not one that isn't proprietary. I'm going to
    have to create a USB cable that I'll run outside through a PCI card slot
    and plug it into a rear external USB port.

    NOTE to Dell if you're reading...proprietary-free design be a factor in
    my next PC purchase.
    Greg Smith, May 11, 2004
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