Dimension 8300 motherboard into Dimension 4500

Discussion in 'Dell' started by NBtarheel_33, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. NBtarheel_33

    NBtarheel_33 Guest

    My folks' trusty Dimension 4500 recently was the victim of a well-intentioned attempt to upgrade the RAM (DDR2 meet DDR slot, proceed to burning smelland three-beeps-no-POST-joy). I want to return it to service by replacingthe motherboard with that of a Dimension 8300, as I have read about many times on the forums. So far, I have located a mobo, a 3.2 GHz Northwood processor, 4GB of DDR PC3200 RAM, and the 9Y212 heatsink (the one with the copper pipes, made for the faster CPUs). My question is whether I need any additional parts (BTW I have located a mobo WITH an I/O shield, so that is taken care of) to make this work. In particular, it seems as though the heatsink fan and shroud assembly, as well as the power supply, were the same onthe 4500 and 8300, but I wanted to confirm this for sure, if someone here happens to know. Thanks for your guidance on this. I know that it is probably wiser to just buy a new system, but I see this as a good learning experience as I would one day like to build my own system, and my folks live inrural Maine where the fastest internet is ~4 times the speed of dial-up, so a fancy system would just go to waste at the present time.
    NBtarheel_33, Aug 17, 2012
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  2. NBtarheel_33

    Ben Myers Guest

    You want the motherboard complete with its metal mounting plate and I/O shield.

    The fan-and-shroud are the same on the 4500 and the 8300.

    Finally, plan to reinstall Windows. The 4500 has an 845 chipset, but the 8300 has an 865 chipset. Sadly, unless you jump through many hoops, bootingup Windows with a hard drive from an 845 chipset computer on an 865 (or any other) chipset motherboard results in a blue screen with STOP CODE 0x0000007B, IIRC... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 1, 2012
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