Dimension 8400: Vista RC1 Install Gone Wrong...

Discussion in 'Dell' started by M. Hale, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. M. Hale

    M. Hale Guest

    Dimension 8400 currently running XP Pro.

    Tried to install Vista RC1 to my second SATA hard drive. Got to the
    screen where you select the drive to install Vista. Selected the drive
    and formatted it. When I try to click Next to install Vista it says
    that no suitable drive can be found for the install. I exited out of
    Vista setup and restarted. Now Windows XP will not load unless I hit
    F12 and select the hard drive from the boot menu.

    I assume that somehow the Master Boot Record has become corrupt. Am I
    correct and can I use the original Windows XP CD to correct the problem?

    Also, does anyone have any thoughts on why the Vista installer cannot
    find any suitable hard drive to install on? Could it be that there are
    no SATA drivers installed? I can't find any Vista drivers for the 8400
    on Dell's web site and Intel lists nothing on their download page for
    the 925 chipset.

    M. Hale, Sep 16, 2006
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  2. M. Hale

    Brian K Guest

    Mike, what is the error message when WinXP won't boot?
    Brian K, Sep 16, 2006
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  3. M. Hale

    Tom Scales Guest

    Google and install VistaBootPro. It is free and will fix your boot problem
    in a snap.

    As for Vista itself, you need the SATA drivers for the 8400's controller.
    Hope you have the floppy drive :)

    Tom Scales, Sep 16, 2006
  4. M. Hale

    M. Hale Guest

    Got it and fixed it! Thanks! Whew!
    I have the most up to date SATA drivers for the 82801FR controller card
    which is in the 8400. In the Vista install, I select the option to load
    drivers. It grabs them from my floppy drive and returns to the screen
    where you select what drive to install to. Even with the drivers, the
    Vista installer is still telling me "Windows is unable to find a system
    volume that meets its criteria for installation." While I realize I'm
    using a pre-release version of the software, it's really frustrating. I
    was hoping that by this point Microsoft would have included the drivers
    within the install program for a controller card that is recent but not
    brand new. I suppose, though, a lot of this is dependent on others
    writing the drivers...

    M. Hale, Sep 16, 2006
  5. M. Hale

    Tom Scales Guest

    The challenge is that the vendor of the card/chip hasn't provided drivers to
    MS (and paid to have them included).

    What you're doing should work. Does the new drive have any
    partitions/drives on it? Maybe try with a completely blank disk and let
    Vista partition it or the other way around if it is blank.

    One more thought. How is that drive formatted? Vista will NOT install on a
    FAT32 partition. Has to be NTFS.

    Tom Scales, Sep 16, 2006
  6. M. Hale

    M. Hale Guest

    The new drive is completely blank now. Originally it was a single
    partition formatted with NTFS. I tried to let the Vista installer
    partition and format it, but no go...

    M. Hale, Sep 16, 2006
  7. M. Hale

    Tom Scales Guest

    Then I'd partition and format it with XP and see what happens.

    Tom Scales, Sep 16, 2006
  8. Just curious as to which version of BIOS you have in the 8400?

    John O.
    John Ochenduszko [JJOchen], Sep 27, 2006
  9. M. Hale

    M. Hale Guest

    The latest one Dell has to offer on their web site.

    I gave up trying to install Vista RC1 on my 8400. None of the suggestions
    anyone here generously provided have worked as well as suggestions I read
    from others in web forums. I'm thinking the problem has something to do
    with the Serial ATA drivers that may or may not be a part of Vista RC1.

    I may try install Vista RC1 at work on a spare computer that was just
    purchased but hasn't been put into general use yet.

    M. Hale, Sep 27, 2006
  10. M. Hale

    Tom Scales Guest

    I don't believe they are in RC1, but the XP drivers should work
    Tom Scales, Sep 27, 2006
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