Dimension XPS 5: Serial and Parallel ports?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Nick, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Nick

    S.Lewis Guest

    Can you be more specific about "notched MB"? I've actually seen a couple of
    9100's (side cover off), but I've not had one to play with as of yet. Given
    the emphasis on ventilation, the incredibly over-sized CPU fan and it's
    position and the relation of other components I'd thought the 9100 to surely
    be BTX.....

    (Not sure if that means it meets *all* of the BTX specs/standards


    S.Lewis, Jun 21, 2005
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  2. Nick

    User N Guest

    [Re Precision 830 and Dimension 9100]
    And you didn't send us some picture postcards ?!? Whimper.

    I was merely referring to the shape of the MBs. The one corner is notched
    out to provide clearance for the inner HD. It appears to me that the MBs
    exceed the allowable size of micro BTX boards, and because of the
    notching, lack a required mounting hole and clearance for full/standard
    sized BTX boards. For reference...

    What size fan would that be?
    I think it is reasonable to call it a BTX box. I was just having a look at
    the HD mounting/cooling arrangement and noticed the notch and got to
    thinking about it. Figured I'd mention it.

    Speaking of cooling, I see what appears to be vents at the bottom of the
    removable side panel on the 9100 (also on the Precision 380). Having
    seen one, or perhaps both, of those boxes... what do you make of those?
    User N, Jun 22, 2005
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  3. Nick

    S.Lewis Guest

    I'm not sure I'm using the correct terminology for the board form factor,
    but my impression is that it is far too large to be considered 'micro',
    again, using the former ATX sizes as an indicator. This is a big box.
    Bigger even than the hinged chassis boxes (Dim8400, etc.). It's the largest
    Dimension since perhaps the 8100 model.

    Don't know, as I only got a quick visual of it. Since it's mounted near the
    middle of the case and is probably, what?, 120mm or even larger in diameter,
    it's pretty quiet. I wasn't able to read the labeling on the fan.

    Have no knowledge of the P380 at all.

    However, the Dim9100 appears incredibly well ventilated - apparently in
    harmony with the BTX 'continuous airflow' design. There is actually a
    gap/intake (that can be seen in the side cover in photos:
    that runs behind the bezel in line with the Dell badge on the front. This
    vent/intake is large enough (though grilled) to stick your hand into. It's
    kind of hard to describe, but this intake runs horizontally across the
    entire width of the tower behind the bezel. It's there to feed air to the
    CPU fan (along with other vented areas on the case).

    Nice screwless card mounting, quick release optical drives, as well as hard
    drives which are now oriented (like some Gateways I've seen) with the rear
    of the HDD bays facing outward to the side cover - for easy removal. Side
    covers are metal, with glossy white paint. Diag LED's are now on the front
    of the machine behind a tinted face plate below the opticals.

    Lots of internal plastics; fan shroud appears to be part of the heatsink
    assembly itself....

    I really like the appearance of it. Sharp.

    S.Lewis, Jun 22, 2005
  4. Oh yes, those are solid.
    Can I ask where do you pick up these?

    Thanks, jim
    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Jun 23, 2005
  5. Nothing wrong with hanging on to them Nick. I will say that I frequently
    Oh yes, those are solid.
    Can I ask where do you pick up these?

    Thanks, jim
    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Jun 23, 2005
  6. Nick

    S.Lewis Guest

    I frequently purchase the 3Com/USR internals off ebay. The Motorola I
    purchased new back in the mid-90's, though I'm sure some are available at
    auction as well....

    S.Lewis, Jun 23, 2005
  7. Nick

    Dennis Guest

    I run an older HP LaserJet from a USB-to-parallel cable and find it runs
    MUCH faster. You can pick up an inexpensive USB-serial or parallel cable
    from eBay. Don't bother spending lots for something simple.

    The only problem you may run into is if you do not plug the USB cable into
    the same USB port each time - if not you will need to set up the printer for
    each USB port you use (no big deal but I have the printer set up one all
    four USB ports on my i8600 and switch between one or the other as default
    printer as needed.)

    "> 2. Parallel port: I don't see any type of adapters for adding a parallel
    Dennis, Jun 23, 2005
  8. Thanks stew

    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Jun 24, 2005
  9. Nick

    S.Lewis Guest

    S.Lewis, Jun 24, 2005
  10. jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Jun 25, 2005
  11. Nick

    S.Lewis Guest

    No, Jim, I do not. These modems are generally pretty pricey retail/new, so
    I've never bought one unused. (They used to run from $49 to $80 depending on
    where purchased).

    Again, I've just spotted and purchased 4-5 used 3Coms (3 of them were OEM
    Dell modems) from ebay for no more than $20. I've been lucky and have not
    had any problems to date with any of them.

    Read the user's guides (via the links you've posted) and compare the
    specs/features of the modems - perhaps you'll find the answer, or perhaps
    the "B" model is merely a card revision with few changes in features.

    S.Lewis, Jun 25, 2005
  12. Nick

    Nick Guest

    <snip a bunch>

    Well, I just hooked my printer to my current computer with a USB to parallel
    adapter cable, and then printed out a test page successfully. So that seems
    to be fine.

    Guess I'll have to wait until Monday, when my new toy arrives, to see how
    the serial port adapter works with my Courier external modem. I'm hoping
    for no problems with that either, but I haven't seen any comments here about
    that adapter.
    Nick, Jun 26, 2005
  13. stew, do you know of any of any differences between the 5610a and thehi stew,
    the Dell OEM is the 3CP2977 model right?

    I imagine the other two are the retail model
    I looked but I didn't find anything in those pages.
    As you said I imagine the 'B' is a revision with few if any changes
    thanks stew, jim
    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Jun 28, 2005
  14. Nick

    S.Lewis Guest

    Jim -

    The last (to my knowledge) Dell OEM 3Com/USR 56k/V90 hardware PCI internal
    was Dell part : 19YRD.

    In fact, the last card I snagged on ebay was that exact part number.

    You might also reference via google: "3Com 'Python' modem" and get some

    I'd give you the part numbers of the others I picked up, but they're all
    gone and in use :)

    S.Lewis, Jun 28, 2005
  15. Nick

    Nick Guest

    Serial port adapter works fine: no fuss, no muss. :)

    (I won't mention my problems finding the 'Any Key' when I needed it to get
    past one of the initial boot up screens on the new computer. Two computers,
    two keyboards, and one monitor all on one rather crowded desk. I'm sure
    everybody can figure out for themselves which keyboard I was beating on
    until my brain finally kicked in...)

    Also, figure I'll mention that the XPS 5 (with two 160 Gig drives) doesn't
    seem any louder than my Dim 8100; in fact, it might be a little quieter.

    Nick <mailto:>

    "My mind is already made up. I do not want any facts,
    as they would simply confuse me." M.E.

    (Sig stolen from the "Organization of Paranoid Anarchists For A Better
    World Filled With Peace and Harmony And Free Lunches For All Coming Real
    Soon Now".)
    Nick, Jun 28, 2005
  16. hi stew, that's nothing to worry about
    your help is much appreciated
    I don't see any 19yrd on ebay now but
    I suspect the 3CP2977 would be fine?

    thanks, jim
    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Jun 30, 2005
  17. Nick

    S.Lewis Guest


    Though I wasn't familiar with that reference #, a google search confirmed
    that it is indeed a hardware controller modem. It should be fine.


    By the way, I no longer have the 19YRD. It went out today in a system to
    someone. I installed it, let WinXP throw native drivers at it, and it
    promptly connected at 48kbps :)

    S.Lewis, Jun 30, 2005
  18. No, Jim, I do not. These modems are generally pretty pricey
    yes, thanks
    they keep going and going!
    oh btw,
    I'm thinking on buying a dell laptop (inspiron/latitude)
    do you know if I can put the usr in it or do I need a different type?
    If so, I hope usr makes it!

    thanks stew, jim
    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Jul 2, 2005
  19. Nick

    S.Lewis Guest


    Most of the recent units have an internal/integrated modem. The only
    notebook PC(MCIA) modem I have here is a Xircom RealPort combo card, which
    has the NIC and modem in the same card.

    The reason for that is my much older CPxJ has neither integrated.

    If you get a Latitude or Inspiron (new), the modem will be integrated.

    S.Lewis, Jul 3, 2005
  20. oh btw,
    thanks stew, appreciate all the help

    jim_tehma (e-mail isn't checked), Jul 5, 2005
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