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Din to Componet V's DVI to Componet Adaptor whats best for picture Quality ???

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Kate Jackson, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Kate Jackson

    Kate Jackson Guest

    Din to Componet V's DVI to Componet Adaptor whats best for picture
    Quality ???

    Ive got a 6600 Gt and i have got my HD Tv connected via the Din to
    componet. The quality is pretty good but still a little bit of a let
    dopwn compared to what the quality of the HD wmv and divx HD thrailers
    and stuff i have. Though i suppose thats the best expected.

    But i would like to know if i can get some extra quality with a DVI to
    Componet connection or i should not bother. Iam not sure what DIN is
    and the quality i shoudl expect from it. But iam just not getting the
    crispness iam getting from the monitor when playing the HD clips.

    Thanks for any help.
    Kate Jackson, Jun 29, 2005
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  2. I think you have a misconception about DVI to Component. Some older ATi
    cards had a DVI to component adapter. Their DVI ports actually had special
    pins on it to generate an analogue component signal.

    Newer ATi cards ( Radeon X series ) and the Geforce 6600 series have pins on
    the mini-DIN reserved especially for component output. In the case of the
    6600, these pins directly interface to the Geforce chip ( they come from the
    HDTV encoder built into the GPU ) and produce a very crisp and clear signal.
    Having a DVI to component adapter will not improve your picture quality. In
    fact all the Radeon X800 series no longer use a DVI to component adapter but
    instead use a mini DIN now.

    To get the best possible picture quality you need an HDTV with DVI inputs.
    This would be digital from the graphics card to the TV.

    If yer Tv has only component inputs, then you need a component output.

    There are two ways to do this:

    1) Use the normal VGA output and an expensive transcoder to convert the
    image to 720p or 1080i/p.
    2) Use an adapter which comes with yer graphics card to get an analogue

    The Ati cards used to come with a DVI to component adapter. However, this
    does not mean that you get the clarity of a DVI connection, as this is being
    converted into analogue at the DVI port along with some extra information
    from the graphics card. ( Radeon 9700 ).

    Newer Radeons use a mini-DIN adapter, just like the 6600 GT which has the
    graphics chip converting the signal into component right at the grapics chip
    and sending it out directly to the analogue pins. When you use such a
    mini-DIN plug, the component output plugs are in fact connecting directly
    with the GPU's pins.

    There is no advantage to using a DVI to component adapter over a mini-DIN
    connection. This is because the DVI to Comp doesn't actually convert the DVI
    signal into composite. It uses extra pins coming from the GPU along with the
    DVI output to generate a scanline image. The difference between DVI to comp
    and mini-DIN comp is that the analogue conversion is being done on the GPU
    in the latter and partially outside the card in the former.

    In the case of the DVI to component adapter, I think you need to change
    switches on the adapter to switch between 720p and 1080i, whereas the
    mini-DIN will let the drivers change the signal without messing with the
    back of the comp.

    Many Taiwanese manufacturers are calling the mini-DIN to component adapter
    an S-Video to component adapter. This is a misnomer, as the cheap mini-DIN
    adapter does no such thing. The mini-DIN plug actually has separate outputs
    for component, composite and S-Video, though you can't have more than one at
    a time as some of the pins are common ( The GPU changes what each pin does
    depending on the TV mode composite/s-video/component ).

    You said yer TV out quality isn't stellar. 'tis not as good as yer monitor.
    I use mine at 576i, which is SDTV. However, the image quality is stunning
    compared with composite and S-video. In fact, DVDs such as Star Wars Attack
    of the Clones which have CGI scenes which look like CGI on the monitor look
    very realistic on the TV out in component mode ( and only in component
    mode ).

    I can't comment on the higher resolutions, but from what HTPC websites are
    saying 'tis as stunning as the SDTV modes on the 6600 GT. ( This is what
    they say ).

    If yer image quality isn't what yer expecting, do be aware that it might be
    that yer TV set has poor picture quality and that yer monitor in fact has
    better picture quality. Alternatively, you have a dodgy video card which
    produces a poor picture.

    BTW what's yer real name?
    Sharanga Dayananda, Jul 3, 2005
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  3. I just finished downloading a 720p 3.75 ggig porno. And imust say my
    Din to Componet is workingjust FINE :)

    Thanks for the help. I thought maybe Having a DVi to componet conector
    would improve the picture some more. I only wanted thebest possible
    picture i could get. From what yuou say its as good as its geoing to

    Which is fine and the picture is great.

    Son Of Sheep., Jul 4, 2005
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