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Direct download of IBMTPCD.SYS and a dos veas driver for a TP 365X ???????

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by no365Xfloppy, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. no365Xfloppy

    no365Xfloppy Guest

    Ran into a snag with trying to get the most excellent QUICKVIEW PRO
    media player running on my thinkpad in DOS


    (get the latest V 2.53, it auto detects formats..)

    IS really cool... DIVX video on my p133 365X ... wow.. that with its
    rotten screen color depth, low speed etc... in a DOS BOX under
    win98se, it still runs, albeit jerkily...

    No if i could run it under pure dos...

    ooooops... need

    and a dos VESA driver for the setup...

    So off to IBM download land.. snagged a few install packs.. but WAIT:
    they all make 3.5 Floppy disks, you cant redirect to a HD directory..
    and tadah... on the 365X, you can have a CD, OR an FD, but not both...

    So its a massive bucket brigade job to Dl to another machine, make
    floppies, copy to HD, burn to a cd and then haul burned cd and back to
    the 365X...

    and no idea if the packs contain a dos VESA driver...

    So anybody know of someplace to get the raw IBMTPCD.SYS and a vesa
    driver for the 365X by direct download??? google not helpful on this

    Or something that will rip apart the IBM supplied


    aftpgw31.exe (which might have the vesa driver ... I'm not sure..

    Wonder why IBM did it this way???

    The sound card is a regular 220 1 5 ESS chip.. a blaster= thingy in
    autoexec should do it...

    The usual OAKCDROM.sys, SScdrom.sys etc dont cut it...

    thanks for any advce etc...
    no365Xfloppy, Jun 11, 2004
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  2. no365Xfloppy

    no365Xfloppy Guest

    Follow up.. have done the bucket brigade and have the files from the
    IBM site burnt to CD
    PROBLEM: cant see any VESA.sys or VESA.exe or other VESA driver
    Anyone care to recommend a vesa driver for the TP 365 series???
    no365Xfloppy, Jun 12, 2004
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