Disappearing Bios Menu

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Mike Gorman, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Mike Gorman

    Mike Gorman Guest

    So here's an interesting thing. A7V8X-X Rev 1, 1005 bios, Athlon XP 2600
    512mb Crucial (rebranded SpecTek in fact) pc2700, Ati 9500 Pro.

    I've been doing some Overclocking trials and have gotten this up to about
    2380 with 14x170 or there abouts but not stably. In the process there is a
    lot of rebooting going on and the boot screen pops up rather quickly and
    then sails right by to to Windows boot. I often have to softboot to be able
    to get back to the point where I can enter the Bios menu. Sometimes I have
    to do this a few times in a row to get there.

    At one point I had tried a 15x166 setting that booted up but wouldn't boot
    into Windows. Just Black Screened. So I rebooted, had to soft boot a couple
    times to catch my chance to enter bios and when I did it showed me the first
    screen with the Drive settings, etc. but when I advanced to the next menu
    the screen showed no options and I was stuck. After rebooting a few times I
    got everything back with no further problems.

    Has anyone encountered that? What happened, any ideas?
    Mike Gorman, Jun 26, 2003
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  2. Mike Gorman

    Ed Guest

    Probably was just overclocked too far and finally crashed.
    Are you raising the CPU vcore to regain stability ALREADY or just using
    the default vcore?

    Ed, Jun 27, 2003
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  3. Mike Gorman

    Mike Gorman Guest

    I am raising the Vcore but likey not enough to maintain stability. Plus it's
    been extra hot n humid here so keeping things managably cool is tough.
    Mike Gorman, Jun 27, 2003
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