Disappering AC97 with BIOS F10 on 8KNXP rev 1.0

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by MuteMan, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. MuteMan

    MuteMan Guest

    Hello all

    After going from BIOS F6 to F10 (didn't try F7 to F9) Windows XP doesn't
    recognize the AC97 sound device. Enabling/disabling it in BIOS doesn't
    make any change. I have two Windows XP (PRO SP1) installations on the
    machine and it is the same on both. It's like the hardware just isn't
    there. It's not even in Device Manager anymore.

    Only way to get it back is to boot from the backup BIOS (F6) and it
    appears as it should again.

    MB: Gigabyte GA-8KNXP rev. 1.0
    CPU: Intel P4 3.0 GHz HT
    RAM: 4x512MB Kingston HyperX DDR400
    GC: Geforce4 Ti4200

    Hard drives:
    2 x IDE Seagate 160GB
    2 x SATA WD Raptor 36GB in RAID 0 on ICH5

    DVD drives/recorders
    1 x IDE Pioneer DVR-105 DVD Recorder
    1 x IDE Pioneer DVD-1205 DVD Player

    PCI Cards:
    1 x RME HDSP 9652
    1 x TC Powercore

    Anyone else had this?

    MuteMan, Jul 19, 2004
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  2. MuteMan

    Tim Guest

    The only difference between V1 and V2 8knxp is supposedly the sound chip.

    Could you have inadvertantly downloaded the Rev 2 motherboard bios (which is
    something like version FH) and somehow ignored the fact that it is not F10
    and flashed it?

    I've been running F10 since about a week after it came out and not had any
    problems with the sound...

    - Tim
    Tim, Jul 20, 2004
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  3. MuteMan

    MuteMan Guest

    I'm quite sure I downloaded the BIOS for rev 1.0. The name of the
    file I downloaded is "bios_8knxp_f10.exe", and when unpacked the
    name of the bin file is "8knxp.f10".

    I think I'm gonna try going through all BIOS versions from F6 up to
    F10 and see if it ends up the same, or if it appears before I reach F10.

    Tim, what BIOS version did you run before you flashed to F10?

    / MuteMan
    MuteMan, Jul 20, 2004
  4. MuteMan

    Tim Guest

    I wouldn't do that - its tempting fate.

    F6 was an "OK" bios - at least it worked with the bugs it had.
    F7, F8, F9 were buggy and few reported even putting them in - those that did
    said they had troubles.
    A couple daid things were OK, but they may not have had problems before (EG
    memory timing issues, RAID / SATA config issues and so on).

    Did you have a good reason to upgrade?

    IE F7 to f9 are no goers.
    F10 cleared all the gruesome bugs & goes well.

    Did you get the file straight off GB in Taiwan? If not, go there for it.

    I would either get a fresh F10, revert to F6, stick where you are, or look
    for another solution... Your file name is exactly as per mine...

    I do recall that the flash program that came with the bios was over powered
    in that it gave bios merge-editing capabilities (IE load modules, save,
    remove?). Could you have inadvertantly removed the sound part of the bios?

    The BIOS may not be the solution of course...

    - Tim
    Tim, Jul 20, 2004
  5. MuteMan

    MuteMan Guest

    You are probably right Tim. In fact, the reason I skipped F7 to F9 was
    because of all the problems people were having. Not worth the risk trying
    them. F10 seems OK though, so that's why I decided to go with it.

    I have no reason to upgrade really since F6 has been working well for me.
    If it ain't broken... I know.

    But still, since F10 seems to be working so well for everybody it would
    have been nice to figure out why I get this problem. I always download
    from Gigabyte in Taiwan, and I flash with Q-Flash from within the BIOS
    setup. It's just a straight forward and complete flash with no merge-
    editing or other editing capabilities. I did the same when going from F5
    to F6 with no problem.

    I very much appreciate your time and suggestions Tim. I will investigate
    futher to see if I come up with something. I'll let you know if I do.

    Thanks again
    MuteMan, Jul 21, 2004
  6. MuteMan

    Tim Guest


    If you read the read me with the bios update it does say to use the included
    flash program....
    If the Q-Flash is coded to flash size X part of bios and the update is X +
    n, then that could explain it.
    - Tim
    Tim, Jul 21, 2004
  7. MuteMan

    MuteMan Guest

    To me that sounds highly unlikely. The Q-Flash flashes 512 kb (524288
    bytes) which is exactly the size of the bin file for all the BIOS

    None of the BIOS versions I've downloaded ever came with a readme. Where
    did you get the readme? I've never got more than three files, 8knxp.fxx,
    autoexec.bat and FLASH8xx.EXE. Did you find a readme somewhere else? I
    didn't. Could you please share its content with me, or point to where I
    can find it.

    There's a statement saying 'Please use Q-Flash utility to update BIOS' on
    Gigabytes site. It's on the same page as from where you download the
    BIOS. It points to a PDF document which describes the whole Q-Flash
    process. Here's the link to it:


    MuteMan, Jul 21, 2004
  8. MuteMan

    Tim Guest

    Fair enough. There was no read me sorry.

    The download i have came with:


    Since you read instructions on the GA web site, then that is Gospel.

    When I looked at the above - it was an implicit readme. IE it said to me:
    run autoexec to run flash879......

    I get your point about the file size vs. the flash memory size & so on. But
    if you read around, the bios file may or may not contain *all* of the new
    bios - it may exclude a boot block, its actual code size may differ so the
    actual mechanism to flash the bios may change. We as consumers are not to
    know - so following instructions becomes very important.

    I suspect this is not getting you any closure to solving your problem.

    - Tim
    Tim, Jul 22, 2004
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