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disk drives: soft eject on macintosh verus hard eject on pc

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by dr, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. dr

    dr Guest

    was just looking at I/O products with floppy controller in them then
    realized that these only could drive pc disk drives alone....I've kinda
    always liked the ones the macs had.

    are they a dead breed or for some mysterious reason there's still one
    company selling them somewhere? hehe

    god I hated the "please remove a disk and press any key" I sometimes get
    on pcs when if I forgot I had left a disk in the drive when in
    comparasion on the macintosh it seem to always eject them on its own
    when going through shutdown. call me biased toward the macintosh disk
    drives that its no wonder the Swim series controllers are dead

    oh and if anyone have never been around any beige macintoshes let me
    answer one question you may have had, if the disk is inside the drive or
    you put in a boot disk then realized you didn't want to use that, just
    turn the system on with holding the mouse button down and eventually in
    a moment it'll eject the disk. so its not quite really trapping your
    disks unless the drive itself was failing badly. (but then there's
    still that old paperclip-into-pinhole emergency eject trick if the
    system is dead or you didn't want to use the computer but had a disk
    inside it)

    gee...interesting post I must had made, guess I'll have to see what
    replies are like!

    p.s=sorry if this maybe isn't related to embedded systems but still, no
    flamings about that please :)
    dr, Dec 20, 2005
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  2. dr

    dr Guest

    typo!! (sorry didn't see that)

    when I said "no wonder the Swim series controllers are dead" I meant to
    put a sad face at the end
    dr, Dec 20, 2005
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