Disk Utility - No erase button to erase the disk!

Discussion in 'Apple' started by John Albert, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. John Albert

    John Albert Guest

    Hello all -

    I posted on this problem before, but since there were no responses, perhaps
    I'll try again. Perhaps no one knows the answer.

    I have a g4/1.25 DP, running 10.3.3.

    Coming from the world of OS 9, I see that there no longer is an "Erase Disk"
    command available from the Finder. Rather, you must launch "Disk Utility" and
    do any erasing from within that application. OK, no problems yet.

    So.... I open Disk Utility, and select a partition or a drive (doesn't matter)
    that I want to erase.

    Then I click the "Erase" tab towards the top of the Disk Utility window.

    I can select the options below, such as the popup for what filing system I
    want, and whether I want Disk Utility to install drivers to make the partition
    or volume OS 9 bootable.

    So far, so good. The next step is to click on the "Erase" button, and let Disk
    Utility do its thing.

    BUT WAIT....

    There _IS NO_ "Erase" button visible.

    Where is it? Can someone tell me where it is hiding?

    - John
    John Albert, Apr 14, 2004
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  2. John Albert

    John Albert Guest

    Mike Rosenberg wrote [regarding the "Erase" button I couldn't find in Disk
    << Well, it _should_ be below the text describing what the Install Mac OS 9
    Driver is about. Is the window extending below the bottom of screen
    perhaps? >>

    OK, Mike, you nailed it.

    I'm using a 17" monitor, running at 832x624. I've got "older eyes", and
    prefer the text sizes at this lower resolution.

    I didn't have the Disk Utility window "extending below the bottom of the
    screen" at the time. It filled a good portion of the screen, but not _all_
    of it.

    When I grabbed the lower-right corner "grow tab", and enlarged the screen
    downward, the "Erase" button popped into view. Indeed, to make the Erase
    button visible, I actually had to enlarge the lower part of the window to
    where it was _just off_ the bottom of the screen.

    Having grown that large, there was a considerable amount of "empty space"
    between the "text" in the Disk Utility window, and the Erase button down
    below. Apparently the writers of DU expected everyone to be working on a
    larger screen with higher resolution, and didn't include a provision so
    that when the DU screen was "sized down", the Erase button would "move
    upwards" a little to compensate and remain "clickable".

    The button was still there - just "out of view".

    Once I got it _into view_, it worked like it is supposed to.

    Thanks again,
    - John
    John Albert, Apr 14, 2004
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  3. } There _IS NO_ "Erase" button visible.
    } Where is it? Can someone tell me where it is hiding?

    Are you in an admin user account? Seems to me, if you are in a user
    account, you might have the erase function disabled for that user
    Luddite Wacko, Apr 15, 2004
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