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Display not working once logged on the laptop.

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by vardhansasi, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. vardhansasi

    vardhansasi Guest


    I have IBM T40. Its display is having some problems.
    It works fine till the OS gets loaded and I have logged in.
    but once I logged in and there was some movement of the laptop,
    the display is gone and in a few mins the laptop is rebooted.

    Could someone help what this problem might be. Even a reference or
    a link helps a lot. :)

    Thanks in advance.
    vardhansasi, Jul 29, 2007
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  2. It's sounds like you have a bad motherboard, or more to the point, the video
    chip has become partly unsoldered from the motherboard - the result is the
    same. It isn't uncommon.

    See http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?t=33952

    Steve Midgley, Jul 30, 2007
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  3. You need to determine if "logging in" has anything at all to do with the
    problem (I kind of doubt it). Turn the computer on and go into bios
    setup, without even starting Windows, and see if you can make the
    problem occur. If the problem occurs without starting Windows, it's
    definitely a hardware problem, I'd guess the cable from the motherboard
    to the LCD panel, but it could be anything, including the motherboard or
    the LCD panel.
    Barry Watzman, Jul 30, 2007
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