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DIY avionics (Was: Micro with CAN + drivers)

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Roberto Waltman, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. From a distance. When you get close you begin to notice the calluses
    and warts. It is sill a good airplane.
    You mean the yaw string? ;)
    [ The ILEC in the panel looks nice too. ]
    Thought about it, and may try it in early versions to save some wiring
    and development effort on the display side, but I doubt I'll use it in
    the final system.

    I believe (prejudice, not research,) that the fully wired CAN version
    will be much more reliable. (1) [ "Tower, experimental on final is
    going around - need to pair my instrument panel with my pitot again."
    - Note I am trying not to say re-pair ]

    In a sailplane you can expect all the electronics to be clustered in
    the cockpit, and to have few or no sources of interference. (Radio
    mostly in receive mode, FLARM? )

    I have to locate the sensors in the outboard sections of the wing, to
    keep them away from the prop's stream and engine influence.
    Again, there are double CDI ignition systems, transponder.

    How does bluetooth work in this environment? What is the effect of
    other people walking around the plane with bluetooth enabled devices
    while in the ground? Probably it can be made to work reliably, but I
    read enough stories of people having trouble using their bluetooth
    phones with their bluetooth car stereos.
    I'd rather avoid the extra R&D effort and stay with CAN.
    Will set up a web page when I have something to show.

    So far I ordered the following:
    1 x ArduIMU
    1 x Android Open Accessory Dev Kit
    3 x LPCXpresso boards

    plus a Dell Streak 7 tablet I already have. No GPS on the first
    The Xpresso board can be split into the processor proper half and a
    debugging / JTAG programming half.
    It is inexpensive enough and small enough that I doubt I'll design my
    own boards.

    The only major ingredient missing is free time. I am working on
    getting the plane itself back in the air, steam gauges and all.


    (1) Excluding a few weak links like the USB connector in the
    Roberto Waltman, Aug 8, 2012
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  2. Roberto Waltman

    Dave Nadler Guest

    I know, I can't manage to take pictures and while
    keeping the yaw string centered. Perhaps if I
    chewed gum...
    Thanks ;-)
    Normally there's more useful info than a blank
    map page...
    FLARM always transmitting but low power, transponder at very high power.
    Did they finally make an LPC11C14 Expresso (not just LPC1114) ??
    I used an IAR LPC11C14 board for initial development with CAN.
    Seriously, that may be a VERY big weak link in this environment...
    Dave Nadler, Aug 9, 2012
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  3. The ones I bought have an LPC11C24.
    Yes - The tablet should be at least partially isolated from the
    instruments panel vibration (and mine shakes a lot.) (1)
    Probably a light frame riding on rubber blocks. I may have a small
    board plugged directly to the tablet, or a USB cable. Either one
    should be secured to the same frame for strain relieve, any cable
    leaving should have enough slack to accommodate the vibrations.
    Currently collecting napkins and envelope backs before any serious
    design effort.
    Another solution may be an infrared link. Don't recall if the Streak 7
    has one...


    (1) Or not mounted in the panel at all. A column bolted to the floor?
    Roberto Waltman, Aug 9, 2012
  4. Roberto Waltman, Aug 13, 2012
  5. Roberto Waltman, Aug 13, 2012
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