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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Art Werschulz, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Hi.

    I needed to reformat and restore my hard drive. Things seem pretty
    much the way I would expect, with one exception.

    I have a Quicken 2004 file (called "Our Accounts"). Prior to this
    surgery, the Finder displayed as a Quicken document. After restoring
    the software and the backed-up user data, I was left with a *folder*
    named "Our Accounts", containing a directory named "Contents" and an
    alias named "Data File Alias".

    Is there some kind of magic I can do to munge all this back into its
    original state?

    Art Werschulz, Sep 16, 2005
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  2. If you're comfortable with the command line and have installed the
    developer tools, you can use /Developer/Tools/SetFile to reset the
    folder's package (bundle) bit. Consult the SetFile man page. If you'd
    rather use a GUI tool, shareware apps such as File Buddy, XRay, and
    Super Get Info can do this.
    Neill Massello, Sep 17, 2005
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