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does anyone understand the nv4_disp.inf format?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by darius, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. darius

    darius Guest


    I have a Geforce3 Ti200 (came with my dell) and using a widescreen 16x10
    monitor. I should upgrade but I want to wait til I can upgrade the whole
    system. Anyway, when I use dell's driver, I get 1280x800x32 as one of
    the resolutions. With the newer forceware drivers (I've tried several),
    I only get that rez if I add as a custom resolution. The difference is
    the dell driver, which is old (2002) and slow, gives me 32bit. The
    forceware driver only gives me 16bit even though I added it as 32 bit and
    it says 32 bit in display properties. I know it's 16bit b/c I can see
    the same posterization whether I use 16bit or 32bit mode.

    Since the dell driver gives me 32bit, the card is obviously capable, but
    I can't get the forceware driver to understand this. I looked at dell's
    inf file and 1280x800x32 is listed explicitly

    HKR,, NV20_Modes, %REG_SZ_APPEND%, "32 1280 800 75 85 100 0"

    No wonder it's listed as a native rez. Not so in forceware's nv_disp.inf
    file. It has a pretty incomprehensible format

    HKR,, NV_Modes, %REG_MULTI_SZ%, "{*}S 720x480 720x576=1;320x200 320x240
    400x300 480x360 512x384 640x400=F;SHV
    1920x1200x32=1;1600x1200x8,16=1D;640x480 800x600 1024x768
    1280x1024=3D;1920x1080=C01E;1600x1200x32 1920x1200x8,16=D;{20-18B,1F0-
    34E}SHV 800x600=1DC2;1600x1024x8,16
    1920x1080x8,16=1F;640x480=1FC2;1280x1024x32 1600x1200
    768=7C2;1600x1024x32=F;1152x864x32=FF;{28-29,2D-34E}SHV 1920x1440x32

    I've tried copying the strings from dell's inf file, and playing with the
    strings above, but nothing doing. Does anyone understand this stuff or
    can point me to some documentation> Appreciate it.
    darius, Jan 28, 2005
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