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does anyone use DSP/BOIS to program mcbsp interrupt?

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by sbs108, May 1, 2006.

  1. sbs108

    sbs108 Guest

    Hey,all.Does anyone use the DSP/BIOS to implement the MCBSP interrupt
    I have some puzzles about this aspect.If anyone can give me some
    suggestions or examples,I'm very grateful.
    the follows is my experiment program,however,it does not effect.
    #define CHIP_5410 1
    #include <std.h>
    #include <csl_mcbsp.h>
    #include <csl_irq.h>
    #include "mcbsp_excfg.h"
    extern MCBSP_Handle hMcbsp0;
    extern MCBSP_Config mcbspCfg0;
    extern LOG_Obj trace;
    Void main()
    IRQ_enable(RcvEventId); //enable the mcbsp0 receiver interrupt
    IRQ_globalEnable(); //enable the global interrupt
    LOG_printf(&trace,"Initialization finished and interrupt enabled");
    //enter the IDL


    Void SerialPort0Rcv( )
    out_data=in_data&0xfffe; //what i used is the TLC320AD50


    I think the IRQ API and MCBSP API is used like the above program,but
    there is something wrong,where i can't find it out.
    Can anyone do some explanaiton about the dsp/bios interrupt to me?
    thanks !
    sbs108, May 1, 2006
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