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Does HP RILOE-II lights-out card work in non-HP PC's?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Rich Wales, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Rich Wales

    Rich Wales Guest

    Can the HP "Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II" (RILOE II) card
    be made to work (with at least most of the features, if perhaps not
    all features) in a non-HP system? Has anyone out there either done
    this (and would you be willing to post details of your success
    story?), or else tried to get one of these to work in your system
    and failed miserably (and would you be willing to share the gory
    details and save me the grief you went through)?

    More details:

    I have a PC at home that I use as a server, and I would like to put
    a remote management card in it, so that -- for example -- I would
    have the ability to do a hardware reboot of the machine without
    needing to go home and do the job in person.

    Although HP's documentation, of course, doesn't even mention the
    idea that anyone would even dream of using a RILOE II card in
    anything other than an HP server, it seems to me that since it
    "looks like" a regular PCI video card to the system it's installed
    in, it ought to be possible to use it in any computer that can
    accommodate a video card in a PCI slot.

    The main possible "hidden gotchas" I'm wondering about so far are
    the following. Are any of these genuine concerns?

    (1) Does the RILOE II card require a separate license activation
    key that would need to be purchased from HP, separately from
    the card? I see RILOE II cards for sale on the net, from
    sources other than HP, and I would want to make sure I didn't
    get a deal on the hardware, only to discover it was useless (or
    would work only in a degraded/crippled mode) unless I forked
    over a bundle to HP -- assuming HP were even willing to sell me
    a license key, given that I hadn't purchased the card from them
    and wasn't planning to use it in one of their "supported" boxes.

    (2) The "virtual power button" feature is controlled by a special
    4-pin cable (which Paul Sladen studied and wrote details about
    on his site -- http://www.paul.sladen.org/lights-out/riloe.html).
    HP servers apparently have a separate external power button that
    doesn't use the pins the RILOE II power button cable attaches
    to, so I imagine attaching a RILOE II to a generic PC's ATX
    power button pins would mean there would be no place to plug
    in the wires from the case's front panel power button -- unless
    one were to find or make some sort of Y-cable to allow both the
    "real" power button and the RILOE II to connect to the pins.

    (3) I would assume the virtual boot floppy feature of the RILOE II
    probably depends on the special signal lines which the special
    30-pin internal ribbon cable connects to. However, it appears
    that the other features of the RILOE II are advertised by HP
    as working even without this ribbon cable (e.g., by using a
    special external patch cable to connect the RILOE II card to
    the standard keyboard and mouse jacks) -- and I wouldn't really
    consider the lack of a virtual boot floppy to be a showstopper.

    If the HP RILOE II is not suitable for a non-HP server -- or perhaps
    even if it is -- are there any other similar boards out there right
    now that it might be a good idea for me to investigate?

    Rich Wales http://www.richw.org
    Rich Wales, Jun 11, 2007
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  2. Rich Wales

    jason Guest

    I have a Compaq Rilo card I picked up off ebay. Im working on just
    what you laid out in your questions. Ill let you know what i find.
    Here is the only other card that i know of. http://www.realweasel.com

    I can answer a few questions already for you.
    1) you Y cable for the power on off, yes they make it and you can find
    it on ebay or other places online.
    2) you better have a some room in your case for this card, the thing
    is around 1 foot long.
    3) working on the pin out of the ribbon cable so that i can do the
    same thing your talking about and will let you know more as soon as I
    jason, Jul 28, 2007
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