Does KVMIP require 2 Ethernet connections?

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Julian Price, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Julian Price

    Julian Price Guest

    Is a 2nd dedicated Ethernet connection required to use the KVM over IP
    feature of the M3296 SMDC? Or can the server and M3296 be reached
    with a single Ethernet connection?

    Of the 2 co-location hosts I am considering using, one (RapidSwitch)
    charges an extra £5/month for the 2nd connection. The other (Mythic
    Beasts) provides a serial connection but no 2nd Ethernet. There's
    going to be so little traffic to the M3296, I don't want to pay extra
    (however little) but more importantly I don't want it to limit my
    choice of host. So I'm hoping the M3296 can be accessed by the single
    primary Ethernet connection.

    I have a Teraserve R1450e from DNUK, which has a Tyan S5375 Tempest
    i5100X motherboard. There are 3 Ethernet sockets. In the Tyan User's
    Manual layout diagram they are labled LAN1 (IPMI), LAN2 and LAN3. Can
    LAN1 (IPMI) only be used to communicate with the M3296 SMDC and LAN2
    and LAN3 only be used to communicate with the server itself? LAN3 is
    redundant as far as I am concerned. The server hosts websites with
    not a huge amount of traffic.

    Maybe it would be possible to plug LAN1 (IPMI) and LAN2 into a passive
    2 port hub like this...
    ....but that's a bit of a cludge.

    Maybe LAN1 could be connected to LAN3 via a crossover cable. But then
    wouldn't the OS need to be working to feed data back through to LAN2?
    The fact that the S5375 is independent of the server and KVMIP works
    without the OS running is kind of the point.

    Julian Price, Feb 16, 2009
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