Does my Acer Aspire 5633WLMi Have Bluetooth capability?

Discussion in 'Acer' started by JayneBartram, May 12, 2007.

  1. JayneBartram

    JayneBartram Guest

    All the visible indications would lead me to ask "How do I get the
    Bluetooth to work?". But after doing a search of this newsgroup I now
    see that I really need to ask."Does my notebook contain bluetooth
    Because if it doesn't I might be a long time in trying to get it to
    Jayne Bartram
    JayneBartram, May 12, 2007
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  2. Start/control panel/systems/hardware/device manager..
    Look for Bluetooth devices..The software should be listed
    under Add/Remove in Control Panel..There might even
    be a blue device icon in the Task tray..Sometimes the
    software is by Widcomm and can be searched for..With Acer
    notebooks there is usually a button on the front of the
    notebook to turn it on or off..It has to have codes set up
    for each device..Luck
    Dudley Pumperdinkel, May 13, 2007
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  3. JayneBartram

    JayneBartram Guest

    It's there, though perhaps only because I installed the driver trying
    to get Bluetooth to function.
    It's immediately under "Computer" near the top, on it's own and not
    within any hardware group.
    In the driver sub-section it has the "uninstall" button grayed out, so
    I can't uninstall it, though I can update or reinstall.

    The icon is in the System Tray but it will only respond "Bluetooth
    Device Not Found" and there are no configuration options anywhere,
    including via the desktop icon, system tray icon, or Control panel
    Similarly, when I try to get my phone software to make a connection
    between the phone and computer, It fails at the point where it tries
    to find suitable devices. Same goes for a direct search for connection
    by the phone

    My friend ran some diagnostic software on the computer and found a
    refererence to internal Bluetooth hardware
    in the form of:
    Bluetooth: Hardware ID {95C7A0A0-3094-11D7-A202-00508B9D7D5A}\BTKRNL
    So, it seems that the makings are there, even though the Bluetooth
    slider-button on the front of the notebook shows not a glimmer.

    I would have little doubt about Bluetooth viability on this computer,
    if it wasn't for the several earlier threads I've read suggesting that
    the presence of Bluetooth buttons and bows is no guarantee of
    Bluetooth capability.

    ..The software should be listed
    Thanks for the help,
    Jayne Bartram
    JayneBartram, May 13, 2007
  4. JayneBartram

    zack Guest

    wrote in
    my aspire 5000 came with the bluetooth software already
    installed but they do no install a bluetooth card
    inside the machine, i think that is a bloody con.

    but you do not need the software supplied by acer
    i use an 02 bluetooth with its own software.


    I'm here now what's your second wish
    Life begins as a quest of the child
    for the man, and ends as a journey
    by the man to rediscover the child.

    (Lost World Of The Kalahari)
    zack, May 13, 2007
  5. JayneBartram

    treenoakio Guest

    Yes I think that's what bemused me. I can understand how Acer might
    use a notebook case with a Bluetooth button on it which doesn't work
    because there's no Bluetooth inside. Though this kind of tease can't
    be good for customer morale. However it does seem to be taking the
    Mickey a bit to have the software factory installed as well, if it
    can't be used. Not that this is necessarily the way things really are.
    Just the way they seem at the moment.
    Yes, at least there's that solution but it would be so much nicer to
    have the doings inside the case. It really is a tidier option to be
    able use wireless LAN without having to plug in a card, for instance.

    treenoakio, May 13, 2007
  6. JayneBartram

    litefrozen Guest

    My Aspire 5100 is the same way .It has the drivers for the bluetooth and the switch, but doesnt have the hardware.

    Acer's mostly are loaded with the same factory software package, it has all the stuff needed to run the fully loaded model.
    So if you get a model that doesnt have the hardware, it still has the software for it loaded on it.

    Like mine had the stuff for a lightscribe burner, but no lightscribe burner.
    litefrozen, May 13, 2007
  7. what use is the phone connected to the bluetooth?
    Christopher Syn, May 13, 2007
  8. JayneBartram

    JayneBartram Guest

    As I understand it, Bluetooth provides a 2 way wireless channel of
    communication for the passage of data between the phone and the
    computer. So, if this route is functional, it's of some use for this
    I guess even Acer must have seen this as a viable mode of connection
    at some stage, or there wouldn't be a Bluetooth button on the front of
    my notebook computer.

    JayneBartram, May 13, 2007
  9. You can post a question to Acer/PANAM listing all
    your info..and wait, and wait and then they will answer
    via e-mail and give you a time etc..It's not easy because
    in my opinion, the Acer US site is FUBAR.You could
    try the Acer Europe site.. Or if you really want to have
    Bluetooth, go to the local Best Buy and buy yourself
    a "dongle" which plugs into a USB port and comes
    with software..Be advised though that your using device
    must me BT capable..Some cellphones are..some are
    not..Your device must have the module inside its software..
    Your "dongle" software is sure to have dial-up-networking.
    Then in order to have BT find your device, your device
    must be in the "discover" mode which allows others
    to see your device..You will have to have passcodes
    which are usually 000. I use mine for "dial-up-networking"
    with my VZW cellphone at about 100 kb/sec. download.
    Example: I go into Starbucks and put my phone in the
    discover mode via BT and all the phones and devices
    with BT show up on my phone..Also Target, Walmart,
    etc. If you see it in device manager, it should be in the
    computer..The softtware also needs to be there AND
    installed. Luck
    Dudley Pumperdinkel, May 13, 2007
  10. JayneBartram

    litefrozen Guest

    For updating the phone software, ringtones, downloading photos, text messages,internet content, email etc.
    which many phones handle now.
    litefrozen, May 13, 2007
  11. Last post:: Under device manager if BT is installed it
    will show up under Bluetooth NOT Network Devices.
    The one under Network Devices is software. The one
    under BT is the actual device..Good Luck
    Dudley Pumperdinkel, May 14, 2007
  12. JayneBartram

    JayneBartram Guest

    That's a very helpful and much appreciated reply.
    I will contact Acer Europe in the hope that any built-in Bluetooth
    capability can be utilised.
    I'm quite prepared to buy a dongle if necessary.

    Thanks a lot,
    JayneBartram, May 14, 2007
  13. JayneBartram

    JayneBartram Guest

    Dudley, I appreciate the trouble you've taken to explain this.
    In my Device Manager, indented under the initial Computer icon,
    "Bluetooth Devices"is shown as the second icon down, directly under
    the Batteries icon. This Icon can be clicked on and opened to show a
    further indented icon "Bluetooth Bus Enumerator"
    Right-clicking on this and then opening the "Driver" tab shows all the
    usual buttons, except that the "Uninstall" one is grayed out. All
    other info in there is positive, i.e. "The device is working

    I have one question on this that I do hope you wouldn't mind helping
    me with:
    Do the details given above definitely mean that there is Bluetooth
    hardware in the notebook, or could the Bluetooth icons and the
    associated information in Device Manager be there merely because the
    Bluetooth driver software has been mistakenly installed.

    JayneBartram, May 14, 2007
  14. Your 5633 may have BT, but a special case of BT.
    Acer uses BT for connecting VOIP, some remotes,
    and other functions on some computers. You could
    go to Start,Connections, Show all Connections, and
    see if that shows anything. These special cases cannot
    be used as regular BT. You could take your laptop to
    Best Buy, Circuit City, and to whatever is left of
    Compusa techs..They all service Acer and should be
    able to come up with a definite answer. I researched
    US and Europe sites. Some show BT others don't. Your
    Acer will have four letters at the end which change it
    somewhat..Good Luck!!
    Dudley Pumperdinkel, May 14, 2007
  15. JayneBartram

    JayneBartram Guest

    Thanks Dudley, I'll do as you suggest. Thanks also for the enormous
    help you've been.

    Kind regards,
    JayneBartram, May 15, 2007
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