Does shell s/w exist to determine the width & height of a JPEG?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by osiris, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. osiris

    Ian Gregory Guest

    I used to have Fink installed but I got rid of it, and am aware
    of how it modified the behaviour of man(1). But I went further
    than that, and determined (using locate(1), find(1) etc) that
    there is no man page for sips on my system, not just that man(1)
    is not finding it. The binary is /usr/bin/sips. Where is your man
    page for sips located? I can double check to see if it is there on
    my system. I take it you are running 10.3, which was the OS under

    Ian Gregory, Oct 27, 2006
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