Does the 15GB ipod video exist or do I own a unicorn?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by bguilliams, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. bguilliams

    bguilliams Guest

    I attended a class for work and got a free video ipod. It is 15GB.
    Says so right in the box. My coworker purchased a new 80GB video and
    they are identical except the 80GB is obviuosly thicker. The issue is
    when I go to look for accessories like a belt clip there doesn't seem
    to be anything mentioned about a 15GB video ipod. It is definately a
    video ipod because I dropped a vid on it and it played like a champ.
    Does anyone know anything about the 15GB or have you seen one before or
    do I have the only one?
    bguilliams, Oct 24, 2006
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  2. bguilliams

    David Empson Guest

    First I've heard of it. The most recent 15GB iPod I can find in official
    lists is a 2nd generation ("Dock Connector") model released in April
    2003 and discontinued July 2004. It isn't colour and certainly doesn't
    do video.

    What you have is probably a low-cost promotional or demo version of the
    30 GB 5th generation iPod with a smaller capacity hard drive, which
    Apple might have made available through special channels, but it is not
    available as a retail product. Perhaps they made some of these but
    decided it wasn't worth trying to sell them because they overlapped too
    much with the iPod Nano, and there wasn't enough price reduction
    compared to the 30 GB model.

    I expect it has the same physical dimensions and external connector
    placement as the 30 GB model: 4.8 ounces, 4.1" high, 2.4" wide, 0.43"
    deep, so you should look for peripherals or adapters specifically for
    the 30 GB model 5th generation model.
    David Empson, Oct 25, 2006
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  3. bguilliams

    bguilliams Guest

    Thanks David. So I'm not crazy. You are probably right in saying it
    was a promotional item. I will see if I can compare the dimensions to
    a 30GG video and see if it is the same size. I can at least get some
    accessories if it is he sme size.
    bguilliams, Oct 25, 2006
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