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Does this mean that the sound card is dead?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by news.rcn.com, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. news.rcn.com

    news.rcn.com Guest

    Does any one know why the specific Conexant sound drivers from the Gateway
    site specifically set out (on loading your serial number to get your
    speficifications and access to the newest drivers) for an MX6025 would
    report FAILURE to load on the set-up utility please?

    There is no sound coming from this laptop whatsoever. Device Manager
    reported sound working OK but exclamation marks by the multimedia section.
    The site shows some Conexant drivers and a setup utility which as I say runs
    and reports FAILURE on conclusion. Tried in safe mode as well. Still no

    What is even more interesting is that the SOUND section in control panel
    shows everything seemingly working ok including all drivers but all relevant
    areas grayed out so you cant test anything.

    [Have even tried a reload of Windows on this and all updates: Gateway says
    this probably damaged the partition where the drivers are located and the
    only way to get them back is to buy the restore utility disc from them:
    Somehow I cant believe that you cant download a driver to get multimedia
    going again]
    news.rcn.com, Sep 18, 2007
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  2. news.rcn.com

    Adrian C Guest

    Check sound chipset is not disabled in the BIOS setup?
    Adrian C, Sep 18, 2007
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  3. news.rcn.com

    news.rcn.com Guest

    Yes, the behavious is so perverse that I wondered about that but the BIOS is
    VERY basic and there is virtually nothing in it besides a batttery
    calibration program which doesnt seem to work
    news.rcn.com, Sep 19, 2007
  4. news.rcn.com

    Adrian C Guest

    Can you try a linux live CD like ubuntu, boot into a command shell and
    type something like 'lspci' to list devices.

    Actually, you might get some sound out of ubuntu or evidence that the
    chipset is accessible - type 'dmesg' to view driver load details.

    Then you'd know at least it's not the hardware...
    Adrian C, Sep 19, 2007
  5. news.rcn.com

    news.rcn.com Guest

    What I have discovered is that the drivers simply don't load: The Gateway
    driver file on their site (inputting their own serial number from their own
    computer!) is 706kb which doesn't sound right?

    I ran aida32 and it told me in the multimedia section that the sound card is
    an Intel 82801DB(M) ICH4(-M0 ac97 Audio Controller [b-1], (not QUITE the
    same thing as what Gateway reports, Conexant AC Link, though ac doe figure
    in the description) whatever that means and when I searched for the drivers
    for this specific card, none I could find would load either. (for some
    unknown reason they are all called Realtek drivers??)

    Is it possible that there exists a sound card without drivers or are they
    just proprietary to Gateway, who wont let users have them? They say that
    the drivers are located on a partition on the hard drive which seems to have
    become corrupted and simply shows unallocated space after a reload of the os
    from the Gateway restore disc!
    news.rcn.com, Sep 24, 2007
  6. news.rcn.com

    gfretwell Guest

    Gateway and Dell both suck in this regard (what is in the machine may
    not really be what they say it is) but you may be able to track down
    the drivers by the chips on the card. Usually if you find the driver
    that matches the chipset it will work. I have fought this war a lot of
    times with mystery cards I buy on Ebay.
    gfretwell, Sep 24, 2007
  7. news.rcn.com

    Adrian C Guest

    Your laptop's audio chipset solution is in two parts, a Intel 82801B
    Audio Controller chip _and_ a Conexant (not Realtek) Codec chip.

    Check you have loaded the laptop's motherboard drivers from the gateway
    site. [Gateway Intel(r) Chipset Driver Revision: for XP]. You
    should be able to load Gateway's sound drivers after that.
    Adrian C, Sep 24, 2007
  8. news.rcn.com

    news.rcn.com Guest

    I HAVE followed that procedure numerous times: Installed XP again, installed
    all of the drivers on the Gateway site including the chipset ones and BOTH
    then installed the sound drivers and all the Windows Updates. I have done
    this both with installing all the Windows Updates before and after
    installing the Gateway drivers in case any update vitiated some driver
    install. The sound driver install opens the install utility and prompts you
    to INSTALL. It then thinks about it for a few minutes and reports FAILURE
    on the installation.

    Curiously ac-link does crop up in add/remove programs but trying to remove
    it just gives you a three second hourglass and leaves the ac-link item in
    place. (I am a bit reluctant to start playing around with the registry at
    this stage!)

    As I think I mentioned, the sound at the bottom of the list in device
    manager does seem to be OK but there is the exclamatoin mark on the
    Multimedia section higher up. I can install some ac-link codecs onto the
    computer manually by trying to update the driver and then an exclamation
    mark appears on the sound section!

    Is it possible that Aida32 is reading/reporting the sound section wrongly?
    news.rcn.com, Sep 24, 2007
  9. news.rcn.com

    Adrian C Guest

    Strange this is all you get as an error message. Are there any text log
    files in the directories where the drivers are installed? Windows directory?

    OK, this is weird. Try the following.


    Apologize if you've already been down this route - I'm unfortunately
    outa ideas on this one otherwise, except to say from a google search it
    looks that you are not alone :-(
    Adrian C, Sep 25, 2007
  10. news.rcn.com

    news.rcn.com Guest

    Hey, that is pretty impressive! How on earth did you find that? Which search
    engine do you use? Kartoo or something? Congratulations!!

    It doesn't actually work but it does to some extent solve the problem and
    armed with that, the solution cant be far: It gets as far as the last step
    and then blue screens (very quickly so I cant be sure what it is BSing on?)
    while it is installing its drivers you have designated on IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR
    _EQUAL, followed by a plethora/circle of continuous BSs on restarting.

    Actually you CAN install this driver in this way in safe mode and it does
    install and show up as AC LINK in device manager without any exclamation
    mark. (no actual sound of course!) Which is curious, isn't it! Because the
    computer then wont boot at all. It just goes into the round of these same
    BSs as soon as the Windows XP splash screen appears. Curiously it WILL
    still boot into safe mode without exclamation marks

    The most you can then do is to boot into last known good configuration to
    get out of safe mode.

    The only difference is that I am using a different Realtek driver initially
    which is WDM_A398, though it does say that he is using a different computer
    and any realtek driver will work and my 398 may just be an updated 380 or

    Then I discovered a 535.A_4.00 driver through a link on the site you gave:
    Now the position is somewhat different. Following the instructions on the
    site to the last step again, I now get all the way through installing all
    the files before the BS. Then it doesn't BS on restart but the installation
    of what it SAYS is the incompatible driver doesn't seem to complete because
    firstly the sound still doesn't work and secondly the exclamation mark still
    shows up in AC97 in sound in device manager.
    news.rcn.com, Sep 25, 2007
  11. news.rcn.com

    news.rcn.com Guest

    Actually I now discover that I am indeed not alone but the solution is quite
    far: It appears that XP security updates have completely screwed up the
    workings of the Realtek drivers, Realtek cant fix them for Gateway and
    Gateway cant be bothered to fix them, which accounts for the convoluted
    procedures on the site to which you referred me.

    Realtek seems to be issuing almost weekly updates to the drivers, none of
    which work for the Gateway which seems to use some type of Conexant version
    of the Realtek driver? Uninstalling lots of the recent and more elderly
    Security Updates gives the warning that this may effect the Conexant sound

    I suspect the only real solution is to find some local office/mailbox for
    Gateway and issue proceedings in Small Claims telling the judge that as
    Gateway cant fix the sound issue (possibly adding the bit about them being
    in denial about it), the computer isn't fit for the purpose for which it was
    sold. I cant find anyone who has found a solution to the problem on the
    MX6025 and it isn't clear if the others have managed to continue to use
    their drivers installed through the method to which you directed me after a
    few more security updates.
    news.rcn.com, Oct 2, 2007
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