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Don't understand MB temp

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Frank Jelenko, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. I'm trying to understand why/whether my MB temp are high. Or, assuming the
    CPU temps are about right for the setup/rig, is the MB reading is either
    simply wrong or close to the display adapter?

    Using hmonitor: MB = 36-37 C, CPU =46-47 C at idle, high fifties under game
    load. Room ambient is 20 C/70 F. [Using MBM 5, same CPU temps, but MB

    MB and CPU temps drop ~ 1 C when removing the side panel [after running for
    15 min with side panel off]


    MB: MSI K7N2-Delta L
    CPU: 2600+, no overclocking; Thermalright with Nexus 80mm real quite fan [20
    cfm] running at 1600 rpm
    Video Adapter: MSI Ti-4200 - with Zalman heatsink, no fan.
    Promise Tx133 IDE adapter with IBM 40GB 7200 rpm
    System drive is Hit 80 GB 7200 rpm.
    Case- Antec SLK1700 silent series. 120mm exhaust fan in rear
    Power supply: Zalman 400 watt [has only 1 exhaust fan]
    Frank Jelenko, Aug 9, 2004
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  2. Frank Jelenko

    Locutus Guest

    those temps are about normal
    you could drop cpu temp a little with a higher rpm fan
    do you have any intake fans?
    if not get one and drop mb temp a few more degs
    Locutus, Aug 9, 2004
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  3. Frank Jelenko

    Larry Gagnon Guest

    Your temps are not too high. There are significant variations between
    PC's, the temperature sensing diodes and monitoring software. Too much
    emphasis is placed in this newsgroup on temp variations. As long as you
    are in the ballpark don't worry about it (ballpark 35-48C on idle, 45-60C
    on load).
    See above. Considering your ambient is 20C then I suspect the MB temp is
    really about 31C.
    I would not leave your side panel off. There is a misconception by many
    overclockers that removing the side panel helps cool the unit down. This
    is not necessarily true. The MOST important aspect of case cooling is
    taking a good inflow of cool air through the bottom louvres of the case,
    moving it rapidly and without turbulence through the inside of the case
    and then expelling this now warmer air flow out the top back of the case
    and away from the case.
    The only thing you might want to do is add an intake fan (80mm is
    sufficient) to your bottom louvres.

    Larry Gagnon, A+ certified tech.
    Larry Gagnon, Aug 9, 2004
  4. Frank Jelenko

    Ski Guest

    I would not leave your side panel off. There is a misconception by many
    I'm still waiting for the first time I take the side panel off
    and the temps go UP...LOL!

    For the past seven years they've always gone DOWN.
    got FIVE thermaltake 80mm on the one I'm using now,
    and I STILL get lower temps with the side off.
    only a degree or two mind you, but still LOWER.

    "The only way to find out how far is too far...
    is to go there"
    (remove spleen to e-mail)
    Ski, Aug 9, 2004
  5. Frank Jelenko

    Hippy Paul Guest

    I think temperature is far more of an issue with an overclocked system,
    where on some systems instability can be caused by heat under 60C.
    I find that my unlocked Barton 2500+ is pretty much limited by temperature
    when it is overclocked. ie if it gets above 55C then it will throw errors.
    It means that I have to run it slower in the summer compared to the winter
    simply due to the variation in ambient temperature.
    Hippy Paul, Aug 10, 2004
  6. Hmm. Mine are running right at the max of that range. But, if it's OK,
    it's OK. Especially since I'm trading off quiet for temps. [With the Nexus
    fan, you really can't hear the pc.] With the stock Thermaltake Silent Boost
    fan, it's not noisy, but you can definitely hear the fan.

    PS. I also don't buy the claim that the stock Thermaltake fan is 20db -
    sounds just like the Antec 80mm [rated at 34db] when it's on the heatsink.
    Interesting. MBM gives the MB temp as 30C. hmonitor must need some
    Right. Only reason I mentioned the temp difference with the side panel off
    was to indicate air flow is pretty good.

    There's holes for a 120mm intake fan at the front bottom. In 4 different
    'trys', adding the front intake fan changed the idle temp by about 0.0 C.
    In asking Antec tech support, their suggestion was, since the case is fairly
    tight and the only exhaust is the same model 120mm fan, then the front
    intake isn't adding to the air flow.
    Frank Jelenko, Aug 12, 2004
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