driver for ASUS CUSL2-C INTEL 815EP M/B under win95osr2

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Jimbo, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. Jimbo

    Jimbo Guest

    I have a real problem. I have a client who has to run WIN95 B for
    some AMCAL/AMFAC software reason. He has upgraded his computer to a
    P3-866 and it has this ASUS CUSL2-C INTEL 815EP mainboard. The Intel
    driver software on the CD wont run as it tells me it is for Win98 and
    above. Where would I find a motherboard driver, for the INTEL 815EP
    chipset that runs under 95B. What is happening is that at boot up
    the system wants to install the USB support and secondly the CDrom 32
    bit drivers have no installed as W95B will not see the cdrom unles I
    manually load drivers in both config.sys and autoexec.bat.
    Jimbo, Jun 30, 2003
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