Driver for NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD

Discussion in 'HP' started by David L. Leon, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. I have a Pavilion a630n with a built in NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD burner. Since
    upgrading that machine to SBS 2003, the burner doesn't work. It can read
    CD/DVDs, but when I put in a blank, the machine slows to a crawl, and I get
    errors when trying tot drag a file to the drive (F:\ is not accessible.
    Incorrect Function). The plus sign appears, but the drive won't accept
    files. It's odd, because the "Properties" lists the the CD as a CD-R.

    Anyway, is there an updated driver for this drive or something else I should
    David L. Leon, Sep 28, 2004
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  2. Hi David,

    I wouldn't use a CD writer in a server. Move it to a workstation.
    Marina Roos [SBS-MVP], Sep 28, 2004
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  3. David L. Leon

    Ben Myers Guest

    As someone else indicated, using a CD/DVD burner on a server is not the usual
    practice. But it's OK if CD/DVD burning does not interfere with people using
    the server, i.e. you burn CDs or DVDs during a time when hardly anybody is
    accessing the server.

    SBS 2003 does not provide any CD/DVD burning drivers because there aren't any to
    provide. And it apparently only recognizes the drive as a CD-R, somewhat the
    Windows default for CD/DVD drives of all types.

    To burn CDs or DVDs, you need to install a package from Roxio (EZ CD Creator),
    Ahead (Nero Burning) or NTI, three of the more popular CD/DVD burning packages.

    One last comment: You want to run the Pavilion a630n as a server???? Ouch! The
    Pavilion a630n is a cheap consumer personal computer, not fit for use as a
    server. Why not a low-end HP, Dell, or IBM server, built for far more reliable
    operation??? ... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 28, 2004
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