Driver for Radeon 9800 on Dimension Dell 8300 Win2k SERVER

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Cook, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Cook

    Cook Guest


    I buy a Dell dimension 8300 with Radeon 9800 Dell inside and I want
    use it with WINDOWS 2000 SERVER.

    I download the drivers for Win 2000 from dell web site if available
    and from manufacturer if not (Intel for ethernet and ATI for Radeon

    I have problem with driver for Radeon 9800 Video card, the last driver
    downloaded from ATI don't works (PC freeze after logon or don't work
    properly -freeze- even if the card and the driver is corectly
    reconised and installed) On the install the driver told "some test
    will be perform to the next reboot to ensure best performance and
    stability ..." it seems it's this test cause freeze at reboot and not
    the driver itself.

    Dell don't answer to my e-mail.

    someone can help me ?


    (Xpost, Followup to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati)
    Cook, Nov 19, 2003
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