DSLR Camera For Real Pictures

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Harsh Sehrawat, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. The DSLR or the digital single lens reflux camera is a high end
    performance camera that delivers some crystal clear pictures just like
    the professional photographers due to its high technology. The DSLR
    camera is a fully automatic one and finishes the function of capturing
    the photo in faction of seconds. Due to its brilliant features like
    the interchangeable lens option, big sensors and accurate preview they
    naturally are very different from the other cameras. With the market
    being flooded with many popular brands getting into DSLR camera, it
    has led to a cut throat competition as most of the manufacturers are
    into latest technology so as to stay or outsmart the competitor.
    Though this has benefited the consumer the confusion as to which is
    the best D SLR camera remains. The choice is difficult between the
    price and the features or the brand.

    The DSLR cameras in India http://www.naaptol.com/buy-online/WO-shopping-best-deals-W7O/cameras/digital_slr.html
    are available from the major brands like the Nikon and the Canon. The
    foremost factor that remains to be of great concern is the budget you
    can afford. The DSLR camera price has fallen considerably in recent
    times. With all the competition for many branded companies the
    consumer are having a happy with the decreased price of the s SLR
    camera. Now a day you can have a camera for a very low price. The low
    price d SLR camera starts from Rs. 20, 000 only. In addition there are
    many other factors like the different types of lens and flash units,
    GPS units and other accessories. Therefore you need to have a proper
    budget in mind so as to accommodate your needs. A full frame D SLR
    camera is more pricey and costs as much as Rs. 130,000. The DSLR
    camera price varies according to its features and the technology
    provided with it.
    Harsh Sehrawat, Oct 5, 2010
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  2. Harsh Sehrawat

    Ben Myers Guest

    And this has nothing to do with Compaq. It is spam. But "digital
    single lens REFLUX camera" made me laugh. I had visions of a camera
    that would cause indigestion. ;>) ... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Oct 6, 2010
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