dual channel ddr bus speed drops 400 -> 266 MHz

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Frank, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Frank

    Frank Guest


    I have an ASUS P4P800deluxe motherboard. One channel of memorybanks was
    filled with 2x256 MB Corsair twinx memory modules. The bus (FSB?) worked
    at 400 MHz as was shown by the BIOS messages. Recently I added another
    pair of Corsair twinx memory modules, 2x512 MB. Now the bios reports the
    bus speed is working at 266 MHz. The new dimms are ddr pc3200 (400MHz)
    modules, so why is the bus speed dropping to 266 MHz??

    I have a feeling that my computer is now slower then before. Is it
    expected that one notices a decreased performance by a bus speed
    decrease from 400HMz to 266MHz??

    Frank, Dec 28, 2005
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  2. Frank

    daytripper Guest

    It's not unlikely that one would notice a 30% loss of memory bandwidth.

    Have you tried installing just the Corsair dimms alone to see if this is truly
    a population-driven bios phenomenon, and not the result of using the wrong
    speed dimms?
    daytripper, Dec 28, 2005
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  3. Frank

    Gordon Scott Guest

    read your manual closely, installing more than 2 dimms quite often lowers
    the the buss speed. You also want to refer to the manual as to single and
    double sided dimms in the specific slots.
    Gordon Scott, Dec 28, 2005
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