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Dual-Head Video Hardware Acceleration?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by amuskratt, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. amuskratt

    amuskratt Guest

    Can anyone here answer a question about hardware video acceleration in
    a dual-head configuration?

    Not being a gamer, I've been happily using a fanless Radeon 9250
    dual-head AGP card in an AthlonXP PC running XP. I've just bought an
    LCD monitor but am continuing to occasionaly use my old CRT as a the
    second head in a dual-head configuration while the LCD is now the
    primary head. Most of the time, the CRT will be left turned off. No big
    deal here.

    The one glitch that I'm now running into is video palyback while in
    dual-head mode. If I start my video player (Media Player Classic) in
    the primary (LCD) display but move it over to the secondary (CRT)
    display, it appears that I lose hardware acceleration in the video
    playback forcing the AthlonXP cpu to handle everything in software.

    As I'm doing things in the primary (LCD) display such as, for example,
    dragging a window within this (that is, not over to the secondary), I
    notice that the video playback on the secondary (CRT) display will
    stutter and pause until I release this window. I do NOT experience this
    while playing any video within the primary (LCD) display.

    My question now is: What is causing this to happen? What is most
    responsible for this?

    Is it the Radeon 9250 video card? Is it the application, Media Player
    Classic? Or is it Windows XP itself or DirectX 9.0c within it?

    Has anyone else experienced this and is there a workaround to get
    hardware video acceleration on the secondary display?

    Thanks in advance.
    amuskratt, Feb 1, 2006
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  2. amuskratt

    tokinkosh Guest

    One solution is to make the tv out the primary display but then the
    pc monitor isn't accelerated. I do that for DJing with Winamp
    to get 3d acceleration for visualzations.
    tokinkosh, Feb 3, 2006
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  3. amuskratt

    First of One Guest

    There are six or seven ways to render video in Media Player Classic (old
    renderer, overlay, VMR 7, VMR 9, etc.). One of them will probably work. Go
    to View -> Options -> Output and try each one. You will have to exit and
    re-load the app for the settings to take effect.
    First of One, Feb 4, 2006
  4. amuskratt

    dandrea Guest

    I have EXACTLY the same problem that First of One has.

    I'm using XP PRO SP2, and the lastest drivers for my RADEON 960
    SERIES. Video plays ok in the VGA head and perform nothing less tha
    horribly using Media Player Classic (one of the lastest versions) i
    the S-VIDEO head, lots of frames dropping.

    Please, help

    Fernando D'Andre
    dandrea, Mar 8, 2006
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