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Dual monitors: 'Allow taskbar to span multiple monitors'

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Patrick Flaherty, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    Programmer in the SF East Bay. New machine: an HP/Compaq XW8000 with an OEM'ed
    nVidia Quadro NVS to support two monitors.

    First nVidia board I've had and am fumbling my way through the (nVidia)

    One twist: my old machine was running Windows Server 2000. Installed Windows
    Server 2003 on the new one. A number of problems, but seem to have gotten them
    mostly fixed. And have both monitors working.

    The taskbar doesn't stretch across the bottom of both monitors as it did on my
    old machine. Found 'Allow taskbar to span multiple monitors' in the Windows tab
    in nView Desktop Manager. Ah just what I want.

    Check it and hit Apply ... the 'right side' doesn't appear (my primary monitor
    is the left). The contents of the taskbar show pretty clearly that it has
    expanded. Except that it's not actually displaying (gee that would be helpful)
    on the monitor that it was supposed to extend into.

    There are a number of variables here (Windows 2003 Server being one ... as well
    as the fact that I have 'closely related' but not identical monitors [two
    slightly different NEC 21 inchers) ... where do I start or what might be useful
    for me to know?

    Patrick Flaherty, Jun 26, 2003
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  2. Patrick Flaherty

    neopolaris Guest

    neopolaris, Jun 26, 2003
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  3. Patrick Flaherty

    Mike Guest

    I saw your post on Google (Dual monitors: 'Allow taskbar to span
    multiple monitors' ).

    What caught my attention my was:
    "Installed Windows Server 2003 on the new one. A number of problems,
    but seem to have gotten them
    mostly fixed."

    Have a similar machine (dual XEON) from HP:
    Am trying to set up a dual-boot development machine for XP
    (C: drive, 73G Seagate15K scsiU320,Basic primary part.), and 2003
    Server (D:
    drive, another 73G Seagate15K scsiU320,Basic primary part.).
    The system is an HP XW8000, dual Zeon 2.8GHz, with Hyper-threading
    ECC DDR Ram.
    Built-in LSI logic 1020/1030 U320 SCSI Adapters. (only 1 used)
    Built-in Firewire (not used but bios enabled)
    Built-in Intel82540EM Ethernet (used)
    Additional PCI Linksys LNE100TX Ethernet card (used)
    HP DVD Writer 200j attached on Secondary IDE (Built-in Ultra ADA)
    Mouse and Keyboard are attached to PS/2 ports
    USB's enabled but unused.
    AGP Video (NVIDIA QUADRO4 980 XGL)

    Up to this point I have been unable to install Window Server 2003 on
    the machine as delivered by HP (and HP does not seem to support
    Windows 2003 on Workstations).

    Attempted to install 2003 Server on second bare NTFS hard
    drive (D:).
    Setup seemed to be going along fine (several reboots) had just
    finished the
    "Installing Devices Step". Screen turned grey (entering in graphics
    mode?)with "33 minutes left" and Boom...Blue screen with "unknown

    Setup's "Hardware Compatibility Check" button that you are supposed
    to be able to use before attempting to install will not perform the
    check unless the OS is targeted for the C:
    drive(XP) is upgradeable (isn't) or if it is deleted (won't..not my

    If you have any insight, since you've gotten further than me, I would
    be grateful.
    Mike, Jul 15, 2003
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