dvd writer problem with 7n400pro2

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by CreamX, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. CreamX

    CreamX Guest

    i have a brand new HP 420i DVD writer. it is installed as master on ide2.
    recognized in
    bios, will boot from cd prior to loading windows.

    once winxp boots up, it recognizes the drive as a HP DVD 420n and
    finds new hardware for a cd-rom drive.

    however when i put a cd or dvd in the drive, it will not read them. trying
    windows explorer comes back with a not responding window.

    it is listed properly in device manager with UDMA mode 2. using ms ide

    i dont understand how it can work during post but not in windows?

    any ideas?

    ps i tried a fix regarding deleting upper and lower filters and this didnt
    work either.

    BTW i have tried 2 separate 420i with same problem. a lg cdrw was on this
    channel working fine prior to this.

    UPDATE: reinstalled winxp with no luck either. the drive works (albeit
    slowly) when in safe mode as well!

    Atlon XP 2600
    nforce 2 MB
    1 gig pc3200
    Ati 9800 pro
    CreamX, Aug 18, 2004
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  2. CreamX

    Mal Guest

    sounds like a driver problem to me as you say WinXP recognises it as a cdrom
    not a dvd ... have you checked the HP site for drivers or maybe a firmware
    update for the writer?
    Mal, Aug 18, 2004
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  3. CreamX

    CreamX Guest

    sorry if i mistyped, but it is recognized properly...just doesnt want to
    read media
    CreamX, Aug 18, 2004
  4. CreamX

    Eddie B. Guest

    Re: DVD writer showing during POST, and then not functioning under WinXP

    I have a NEC1300A DVD writer that behaves identically, also on a 7N400Pro2
    board with a 2600 Thoroughbred Athlon (but with nVid graphics). This had me
    frothing at the mouth - thought it was the fault of the drive, tried
    different firmware, wrote a "this is a PoS" e mail to NEC (as if they
    care!), and was intending to hurl the offending drive into a dumpster. Only
    the distance to the dumpster meant that excess effort would be required, so
    I still have the drive, used to keep the door open on hot days. I think I'll
    attach it to a different mainboard and see if it works. I bet it does. The
    thought that it might be a simple incompatibility with the mainboard hadn't
    occurred to me. Incompatible kit used to be a problem with home PC building
    and upgrading years ago, and I had forgotten about it.

    I found that a LiteOn 811S drive worked, and therefore didn't pursue the
    matter further. It's the easy way out.

    Eddie B.
    Eddie B., Aug 18, 2004
  5. CreamX

    Mal Guest

    wierd ... I have the same NEC 1300A drive attached to my 7N400Pro2 (Rev1)
    board and I've had no problems.
    what bios are you using atm? ... F11 came out a couple of weeks ago.

    Mal, Aug 18, 2004
  6. CreamX

    Eddie B. Guest

    Thanks for the info. I was on F8 (on F11 now). Mine's a Rev 1 - what is
    different about a Rev 2?
    Will try the NEC when I have a spare moment. My reading of the Gigabyte
    website hints that the fix came with F9.
    However, I took comfort from someone else having a similar problem to one I
    experienced - indicated possibly that the hardware isn't entirely broken,
    just that there is some incompatibility in the system (and also that I
    wasn't alone in not being able to get it to work). I used to get such
    incompatibilities all the time but over the past few years have got used to
    things just working straightaway.
    In the two weeks or so I struggled with the NEC1300A, the rather faster
    LiteOn came out and was cheaper. Such is the pace of technology. Now the
    drives are less than half what I paid for the NEC.

    Eddie B.
    Eddie B., Aug 18, 2004
  7. CreamX

    Mal Guest

    The Rev2 board has an updated IDE Raid controlled I think ... maybe
    something else too but that's about it.
    Yeah I know the feeling ... there are drives out now for less than I paid
    for my NEC that write dual layer twice as fast as the NEC. I have 2xHDD on
    IDE1 and the DVD on IDE2 with a Plextor 1610 CDR (it doesn't get used much
    now to be honest)

    Mal, Aug 19, 2004
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