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DVI output question for the XVR-100

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by llothar, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. llothar

    llothar Guest


    is this a DVI-I output, so that i can add one of this simple,
    inexpensive DVI->VGA adapters to connect two VGA monitors to one card.

    Is the reduced quality when using a adapter visible or small enough to
    ignore (it must also pass a KVM-Switch so even small differences might
    sum up) ?

    And a little bit related is the question:

    Does the 13W3->VGA reduce the quality (if i use a large resolution like
    1600x1200) ?
    llothar, Jun 23, 2006
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  2. llothar

    x Guest

    Yes, it's DVI-I, and an adapter will work. I thought it shipped with one.
    The only Sun card I know that's DVI-D (digital only) is the XVR-1000
    (second port), but that has a separate VGA available.
    Answer to both.

    The VGA connectors themselves are the weak link at hi-res (like 1600x1200
    and above). You'll lose a little in the conversion, but this will usually be
    minimal compared to the VGA cable & connectors.

    For best results (assuming your "stuck" using VGA somewhere) :

    Use good quality cables.
    There are some really bad VGA cables out there.

    Do the conversion near the source/card side.
    The small dongles work quite well.
    Use only one cable with the correct connectors on each end
    and NO converters.

    Don't EVER make the conversion in the middle
    Any VGA connector in the middle will cause nasty
    reflections in both directions.
    x, Jun 24, 2006
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  3. llothar

    llothar Guest


    i need a KVM switch (i order one from ATEN - a dual VGA). And i think
    this will always be in the middle. For the 13W3 -> VGA i've never seen
    something else then the adapter that is put on the graphics card. Does
    anybody know if there is something else ?
    llothar, Jun 25, 2006
  4. llothar

    x Guest


    i need a KVM switch (i order one from ATEN - a dual VGA). And i think[/QUOTE]

    A KVM switch doesn't count as "middle" since it "should" be terminating
    the signal, and the amplifying and resending it. In this case the "bad"
    VGA connector should be close enough to the termination inside
    the switch (normally in the monitor) that it should be OK.
    (This wouldn't be the case for those old analog VGA switchboxes
    since they were just mechanical switches inside the box,
    and did horrible things to a hi-res signal).

    What's the problem is if you had a 13W3 cable, a VGA adapter in the middle,
    and a second length of VGA cable. There you have a VGA/VGA connection
    between the adapter and second cable, and it's right in the middle of
    a long cable run. If you really needed a long distance, get a long 13W3
    extender cable, and put the 13W3 adapter at the far end. Then the
    connection in the middle would be 13W3/13W3.

    You can buy cables that are 13W3 on one end, and VGA on the other end.
    If you do, make sure it's a Sun 13W3, and not SGI. They are different.
    Also, make sure it passes both sync signals (H & V) (often called 5-wire
    for R,G,B,H,V), and not the ones for older Suns thant only did composite sync.

    But a short (less than a foot) 13W3 to VGA adapter at either end (card
    or powered switch / monitor) should be OK. If you have a choice,
    putting the adapter at the far end would be better (Your normal Sun
    13W3 cable for most of the length, and an adapter at the far end).
    Watch the gender of all this. The adapter at the near and far ends
    are different from each other. Sun has sold both genders of
    adapters for this in that past. Not sure how hard they are to find.
    The one used at the "far" end is actually a short (like 1-2 foot)
    adapter cable
    x, Jun 26, 2006
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