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Dynamic Pixel Shift in Firefox with Radeon 9800 Pro and LCD screen? (screenshot URL included)

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Erik Harris, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Erik Harris

    Erik Harris Guest

    I recently upgraded my ViewSonic 17GS CRT monitor to a Dell 2001FP flat panel
    display. Aside from the obvious quality improvement from a 6+ year old CRT
    (well past end-of-life for a CRT in terms of image quality), one of the first
    things I noticed was a strange pixel offset effect in Firefox 0.8. I thought
    maybe it'd go away with a fresh install of Firefox, but it didn't (I
    installed 0.9 from a clean install - wiped 0.8 completely first). I don't
    see it in other applications, just in Firefox. This is on a Win2K box using
    an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro with recent (but-not-quite-latest) drivers. I've used
    various different versions of the drivers. No change in behavior.

    What I mean is this... When I load a page, sometimes Firefox can't decide
    where exactly things (text, images, whatever) belong. It places them
    someplace, and if I scroll the screen or highlight text, it'll decide to move
    that "stuff" over by about one pixel (in any direction). It's as if there
    are two web pages loaded - one which is the initial display, and one which is
    the "real thing" - and they may be offset by a pixel in any direction. If I
    scroll off of the "initial display" page, I'll see a clear line of
    demarcataion, and if I highlight anything on the "initial display" page, it
    reveals the "real thing" underneath.

    I'm not sure how to explain this better, but I have taken a pair of
    screenshots to demonstrate. It doesn't demonstrate some of the nastier
    effects of this bug (like showing a pixel shift in the middle of an image or
    showing a line of text with a row of pixels missing - an upward shift of the
    bottom of the line or a downward shift of the top). I put a subset of the
    two screenshots into an animated GIF file at
    <http://www.eharrishome.com/pix-shift.gif> - As you can see, every second, it
    flips back and forth between the two frames. In one (nothing highlighted),
    you see the image as it loads. In the other, I've hovered the mouse over the
    T-shirt picture (which caused it to shift), I've highlighted part of the
    second line of text under "Firefox T-Shirt", and I've highlighted (and kept
    highlighted) some text further down the page, causing it too to shift.
    Sometimes, only the highlighted text shifts. In this case, the whole line
    shifted together. And in this case, everything shifted left.

    Is this a FireFox problem or an ATI Catalyst problem? In either case, why
    does it only show up in Firefox, and why only after I got an LCD monitor?

    Erik Harris n$wsr$ader@$harrishom$.com
    AIM: KngFuJoe http://www.eharrishome.com
    Chinese-Indonesian MA Club http://cimac.eharrishome.com

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    Erik Harris, Jun 24, 2004
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